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Pandas in China
Tao Tao
Tao Tao
Update on Tao Tao

Tao Tao, the Giant Panda released into the wild on October 11th, appears to be adapting to his new life.  Huang Yan, the scientist in charge of the Panda Reintroduction Project in China, reported this week that Tao Tao's GPS collar is working well and that researchers in the field have been able to physically locate him as well. Huang also stated that when Tao Tao noticed the researchers, he quickly ran away from them indicating that his training for reintroduction appears to be working.

Counting China's Wild Pandas
China kicked off its panda census last month. Its the fourth one since the 1970s, when they instituted the practice to keep tabs on the worldwide panda bear count every 10 years. The last census revealed only 1,596 wild pandas existed with 290 pandas in captivity around the world. Li Guiren, who took part in the last panda census, said new technology has had a huge impact on their work. We can get a lot more done more quickly, he said, with the GPS device shaving the amount of time in the field down by about 30 percent. Researchers are also making notes on habitat and hope to draw up more effective conservation policies based upon data collected.
New Wolong Giant Panda Center in Gengda
New Wolong Giant Panda Center in Gengda
Opening Ceremonies of the New Wolong Giant Panda Center in Gengda
On October 20, 2012, Opening Ceremonies were held for the new Wolong Panda Research Center. The original was largely devastated by the catastrophic 2008 earthquake. It was decided that the Wolong Panda Research Center would be relocated from Hetaoping to Gengda both within the Wolong Nature Reserve and that it would be a comprehensive base integrating scientific research, public education, captive breeding and the field training for the reintroduction program. Eighteen pandas were at the opening ceremony. Years of preparation have ensured that the Giant Panda habitat in the reserve has been effectively restored to a healthy natural environment. Reforestation and bamboo planting have been successful (some of which is part of the Pandas International Bamboo Project) and will continue into the coming years. The New Wolong Center is still not open to the public but hopefully within the months to come the center will be complete.
Pandas Around the World
Xiao Liwu - "Little Gift"
Xiao Liwu - "Little Gift"
Bai Yun's Cub is a "Little Gift"

Chinese tradition dictates that panda cubs are not given a name until they are 100 days old.  That seemed like a long wait for the many fans of Bai Yuns most recent cub, born in July at the San Diego Zoo.

The zoo solicited input on the tiny cubs name from the public and sorted through over 7,000 names to reach their 6 finalists.  Those finalists were: Qi Ji, which means "miracle’"; Yu Di, which means “raindrop”; Da Hai, which means “big ocean” or "big sea"; Yong Er, which means "brave son"; and Shui Long, which means "water dragon."

Through the zoo's website, panda fans again got to cast their votes, 35,000 of them, for which of the names they liked most.

As of Tuesday morning, the public had spoken, and Xiao Liwu’s name was unveiled at the San Diego zoo and live streamed to thousands of viewers on the web.

Yu Hin
Yu Hin
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Adventure World Wakayama names their newest Panda
The 12th panda cub of Adventure World Wakayama, who was born on August 10, 2012 was named Yu Hin. The female cub of Rau Hin and Ei Mei is doing fine and now weighs almost 7 lbs.
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Colorado Gives
Colorado Gives Day
Pandas International is proud to participate in the 3rd annual Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Colorado Gives Day is a 24 hour period in which people in COLORADO and around the WORLD can donate to Colorado charities. Since Pandas International is based in Colorado all our supporters can participate.

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Panda Photos and Videos
Xiao Liwu - Highlights from first 12 Exams
Incredibly cute video diary of clips from Bai Yun's cub's first 12 exams.
Other News
Early Panda Fossils Found in Spain
Artist's Rendering
Artist's Rendering
All giant pandas may come from China, but fossils reveal that the oldest known ancestor of the lineage dwelled in Spain, researchers say. The species belongs to a newly declared genus, Kretzoiarctos, which means "bears of Kretzoi." The fossils date back 11.6 million years to the middle of the Miocene Epoch, when the area was humid, moderately warm and forested. This new bear would have weighed no more than 130 pounds (60 kilograms), making it more or less the size of the sun bear (Helarctos malayanus), the smallest living bear species. It remains uncertain whether Kretzoiarctos was colored the same way as modern giant pandas, as no hair from it remains.
Panda's Bamboo May be Lost to Climate Change
According to a new study, projected temperature increases in China over the next century will likely seriously hinder bamboo, almost the sole source of food for endangered pandas. Only if bamboo can move to new habitats at higher elevations will pandas stand a chance, the researchers said.
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