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Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our donors and their families who have been affected by the wild fires in Colorado. While Pandas International has not been affected we know many of our donors around Colorado have been severely impacted by this tragic event.
Summer Online Auction Begins Now!

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The auction will run today through Sunday, July 7.
All funds raised will go towards purchasing medical field equipment for the Giant Pandas.

Formula for the Cubs Arrives
Pandas International recently donated formula for the Giant Panda cubs at Bifengxia. The formula arrived at Bifengxia on June 17! Thank you to all of our donors for helping to continue to feed the Giant Panda cubs.
Malaysia Set to Receive its First Pair of Giant Pandas
Malaysia says it will receive a pair of Giant Panda cubs on loan from China to mark four decades of diplomatic ties. China regularly sends the prized animals abroad as part of "panda diplomacy" to signal strong relations.

The Ministry of Natural Resources says the Giant Pandas will live in a wetland park in Malaysia's administrative capital of Putrajaya for 10 years. Panda conservation research will be carried out. The arrival date has not been set.
Giant Pandas to Return Home
The new Giant Panda breeding base in Wolong is expected to start opening in September of this year. Once the center is up and running many of the Giant Pandas which were relocated to Bifengxia and zoos around China will slowly begin to return home.
Four More Giant Pandas Enter Reintroduction Program
Translated by lovecatbear
On May 30, four Giant Pandas, Qing Qing, Li Li, Si Xue and Zi Zhu, who had been mated or artificially inseminated at the Bifengxia base, were sent to Wolong to participate in the reintroduction training program at the Hetaoping base. They are the third batch of Giant Pandas to be included in the program. Among the Giant Pandas that have already been in the program, Cao Cao and Tao Tao are undergoing their third stage of training, and Zhang Ka, Xi Xi and their cubs will soon begin their second stage of training.
Children Help Care for Baby Giant Pandas
Five children from the Chengdu Experimental Primary School were given the opportunity to care for Giant Pandas who were all about a year in age. The children were dressed in protective clothing and were than given the task of feeding and cleaning up after the Giant Pandas.

"By learning more about Giant Panda and taking care of them as volunteers, the children will bring the idea of loving animals and protecting the environment to their families, and then to the whole society," said Ye Lei, a teacher of Chengdu Experimental Primary School.
Giant Pandas to Return Home Later This Year
Translated by lovecatbear
According to the Chengdu Business Daily, some of the Giant Pandas that were transferred outside the Wolong Nature Reserve after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake will return home in the second half of this year. Li Desheng, deputy director of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP), said yesterday (July 2) at a "Pandas Coming Home" ceremony that after the earthquake, 60 Giant Pandas were transferred outside Wolong, of which 28 were sent to the Bifengxia Panda Base of the CCRCGP in Ya'an and 32 were sent to zoos outside of Sichuan Province. This year, some of those displaced Giant Pandas will return home in two batches.

The first batch of Giant Pandas will be transferred to the Giant Panda Rescue and Disease Control Center in Dujiangyan, which will be completed by the end of June; the second batch will return to the new Wolong center, which is scheduled to be completed in September. In addition, Tao Tao, the first Giant Ppanda born at a reintroduction training base, is expected to be released into the wild this year.
Flagstaff Panda Preserve Disappears
A website claiming that there were Giant Pandas living in Flagstaff, Arizona has been shut down. A reporter in Arizona called Pandas International asking about information on the Giant Pandas in Flagstaff and asked about the website. Pandas International immediately realized the website was a hoax and attempted to contact the company who hosted the site. Charity Advantage claimed the website was just a sample. However, when visiting the site there was no indication that it was a sample. The website even had a place you could make a donation or book a trip to see the Giant Pandas. The website has since disappeared. There are only 4 places in the United States that have Giant Pandas:San Diego, Memphis, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. Designs IP Camera System for Oregon Zoo to Study Giant Panda Breeding in Captivity
PDXWildlife, an Oregon Zoo organization dedicated to improving the conservation of species, recently expanded their efforts into Asia to study Giant Panda breeding at the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas. Thanks to the advanced IP camera system designed by, PDXWildlife is now able to record and analyze Giant Pandas’ breeding behavior while in captivity. Capturing unwanted or questionable breeding habits on video will help scientists move forward in their research efforts.
Xeko to Re-launch This Fall
Xeko is an endangered animal trading card game which helps to support endangered species around the world including the Giant Panda. They are trying to re-launch their online version of the game and could use your help. Check out their website below to help.
Panda Protectors
Congratulations Pear Tree Point School
Pear Tree Point has a student body of 200 children and each child received a Chinese takeout food container that had been decorated with Giant Panda facts and stickers. Children were asked to fill the containers with as many pennies as possible. The containers held over $4.00. Children filled them with coins they earned doing chores, with donations from family and friends, and even money they found around the house! From that part of the fundraiser they were able to raise $900.00!

The second part of their fundraiser was done only by the youngest students, the Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Those 29 students were given pedometers to participate in a virtual walk-a -thon. There are 5 miles that separate the campus from the Main Campus. Each child received a pledge form to collect pledges for the 5 mile walk. At the beginning of the school day the children would don their pedometers and each step they took during the day counted towards a step to the Main campus. The miles were recorded on large graphs with every mile depicting a familiar landmark between the two campuses. The walk-a-thon went on for 2 weeks and when the pledges were collected they received an additional $738.00! Pear Tree Point chose Pandas International for their main fundraiser this year to teach and integrate their Mandarin program, their Core Knowledge study of China and their celebration of Earth day. Thank you very much Pear Tree Point School for all of your help in making a big difference in the Giant Pandas’ lives.
Panda Day at Queensferry Primary School
Queensferry Primary School in the United Kingdom held a Giant Panda Day. The entire school dressed up in black and white. During the day they held an assembly in which two Giant Pandas (humans in panda costumes!) and a zookeeper visited the assembly. The Giant Pandas were interviewed during the assembly. Afterwards they held a competition where the children were asked to make posters of an adult Giant Panda playing with a baby Giant Panda. After the entire day they were able to raise $380.Congratulations Queensferry on helping to save the Giant Panda!
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Adopts Shen Bin
A group of fourth grade students from the Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Yorktown Heights, New York, started a group called “Kidz for Pandas” and embarked on an initiative to “Help Save the Giant Panda” with the ultimate goal of adopting a Giant Panda cub. With the support of the school’s principal, they made a presentation about their initiative to the school’s PTA. The PTA then helped the group by promoting a school-wide initiative to collect donations through the recycling of empty water bottles. Large barrels were positioned throughout the school with “Help Save the Giant Panda” display signs affixed, and teachers and students were encouraged to drop their empty water bottles into these special barrels. Each week the group took turns collecting the water bottles and recycling them. Through this initiative, and additional donations received from family and friends of the group and school, the group collected over $684.15 and were able to adopt their Giant Panda cub, whose Chinese name is Shen Bin. Thank you to all of the students for helping out Shen Bin and all of the other Giant Pandas.
Abbie Raises Money at Earth Day Festival

8-year-old Abbie truly loves the Giant Pandas. She recently set up a table at the Washington Township Earth Day Festival in New Jersey. She created headbands and made in informative poster to teach others about the plight of the Giant Panda. She was able to collect $50.00 in donations through her table and I am sure she reached out to hundreds of people. Thank you Abbie for your wonderful donations but also for educating others!
Panda Videos and Pictures
Bamboo and Tree Project Underway at Wolong Pandas International has helped fund the bamboo replanting project at Wolong. Along with bamboo, trees are also being planted to help mimic the actual forest environment in which the bamboo grows.

Newest Members of Pandas International’s Advisory Board
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Po and De De Play at Zoo Madrid Giant Pandas at Beijing Zoo
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