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Tao Tao and Cao Cao Move to Final Training Stage

May 4th, 2012 | By Jeroen Jacobs

Tao Tao and Cao Cao
The China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Wolong, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, moved Giant Panda Tao Tao to its new home Thursday morning for the third and final stage of wild training, a key stage for releasing it into the wild. Accompanied by his mother Cao Cao, Tao Tao was sent to the 240,000-square-meter third stage training enclosure located in an area about 2,000 meters above sea level in mountain forest. The forest vegetation and geographical features are similar to those of the second stage training base.
A Conservation Priority: Children and Nature

Megan Owen, a conservation program manager for the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research wrote this personal and touching post about conservation.

Back in 2000, I had the opportunity to take my family with me on a three-month research trip to the Wolong Giant Panda Center. At the time, my (then) three-year-old son was a handful, and our nanny had a hard time keeping up with him. While my husband and I were a bit panicked at first by his rambunctiousness, the keepers and staff at Wolong quickly took our son under their wing, and, as a result, he got to spend those cool winter days running around outside, with the steep mountains, bamboo forests, and Pitiao river providing the backdrop for his play and adventures. And, of course, there were many young panda cubs for him to call friends. Sometimes he had the opportunity to stand or sit eye to eye with a young panda, and I will never forget the look he would get on his face as he sized up his exotic comrades.

Pump Up the Volume, Help Save Pandas

Accessory Power has teamed up with Pandas International to help save the Giant Panda. This electronics manufacturing company has created the Panda Pal and Mama Panda Pal speakers in hopes of raising awareness about the Giant Pandas. 5% of each speaker purchased goes back to Pandas International. Not only are the speakers helping the Giant Pandas, the sound quality is great as well.

So far the company has raised over $3,000 which is enough to help purchase an entire acre of bamboo. Accessory Power will continue to raise funds for Pandas International and put the next donation towards medical field equipment to be used on wild and captive Giant Pandas. Check out Pandas International's website for both of these great speakers!

Fine Featherheads Teams Up with Pandas International
Our newest partnership is with Fine Featherheads which sells pet plumes. For the sale of each "Natural" and "Dalmation" pet plume, Fine Featherheads will donate 10% of the sale to Pandas International. Check out the pet plumes below!
Panda Protectors
Warren Park Adopts a Panda

Warren Park students
Pennies 4 Pandas is a great program to teach young children the spirit of giving in today's self-centered society. One first grader told her teacher that her mother took her out for ice cream one warm spring evening, and she told her mom, "Mommy, I don't want the ice cream. I want to give the money to the pandas instead." These students have many heartwarming stories about donating their money.

Warren Park School in Cicero, Illinois just concluded their Pennies 4 Pandas campaign last month. I am happy to announce that students collected $663.14! This may not seem like a lot of money for an elementary school, but many of the school's 260 children come from low income homes. Congratulations to Warren Park on raising enough money to adopt a Panda and truly helping out all of the Pandas!
Pear Tree Point Kids Collect Pennies for Pandas

Pear Tree Point students
Pear Tree Point School wanted to help save the Giant Pandas from extinction so they decided to hold a Pennies 4 Pandas drive. The entire school participated in the project allowing the school to raise $1,156! The kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes were responsible for putting together the project and also held a walkathon in order to raise more money for the Giant Pandas. The donations will be used to help plant bamboo for both the wild and captive Giant Pandas. Thank you to Pear Tree Point for doing an amazing job on helping the Giant Pandas.
Happy 5th Birthday, Averi!

Averi's cake
The party was held at the Boulder, Colorado Rec Center and the children enjoyed learning how to draw a panda, make pandas out of clay and learn about pandas and the Wolong Center in China. They read the National Geographic book about Pandas, wore Panda ears and enjoyed a chocolate and vanilla Panda bear cake. Afterwards, the children played with giant earth balls, opened their goody bags with fortune cookies, Pandas International bracelets, post cards, stickers, then everyone went swimming!

Averi had a wonderful time at her 5th birthday party!  Her friends all brought money from their piggy banks and had a great time putting it into the Panda Bear bank! The bank got full so it had to be emptied for the rest of the children! Together, the partygoers raised $135 for the pandas! A great big thank you to Averi and her friends for helping the Pandas!

Noah Helps to Feed the Giant Pandas

Noah Steele has been a supporter of Pandas International for quite a while. Each year he attempts to fill up his Pennies 4 Pandas container and every year he successfully sends Pandas International enough money to help feed the Giant Pandas. This year he was able to raise $327.20. Thank you, Noah, for your continued support!
Panda Videos and Pictures
Accessory Power Helps Pandas International How to Get a Panda Cub Out of a Tree Videos from the Old Wolong Panda Center
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