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Happy Shamrock Month!
Thank you to all of the following businesses and individuals
for donating items for our silent auction and wine garden at our
12th Annual Chinese New Year's Fundraising Dinner on February 25th.
A good time was had by all!
Silent Auction Donors Wine Garden Donors
A-1 Scuba and Travel Center
Andy Marquez
Angela Seep
Angie Binder
Anne Belov
Ava Yetter
Bill and Vickie Shroeder
Brad Brieman
Breakfast on Broadway
Byron West
Cherie Leighton Goodwin
Christie Harper
Classical True Acupuncture
Colleen Zimmerman
Contemporary Expressions Photography
Cynthia Leftwich
DAL Jewelry
Denver Nuggets/Kroenke Sports Charities
Evelyn Waldman
Fulcrum Publishing
Husar’s Fine Gifts
Image West
Intermountain REA
Isle Casino Black Hawk
Jerry Braden
John Genser
Karen Rose
Karl Mecklenburg
Kim Fong Sheremeta
Linda McCoy
Lisa Fraser
Lynn Brown
Mary Lauex
Matt Beck
Mayor Steve Hogan
Pandas International
Peter Minahan
Ron and Susan Telesko
Rose Richards
Sandra Miller
Show of Hands
Sonja Brown
Steve and Stephanie Moss
Studio C Framing
Susan Tunstall
Team Husar Wildlife Photography
Terry Cavanagh
The Christie Lodge
The Palace Chinese Restaurant
Tom Soucek
United Vacations
Virginia Bonvicini
Whole Health Center
Wildlife Experience
Wisteria Zebra Vodka
Bonacquisti Wine Company
Brad Brieman
Frank Sheremeta
JJ Loughran
Karen Rose
Luke Muller
Pandas International
Sarah Stowe
Sonja and Chris Brown
Steve and Stephanie Moss
Suzanne and Jerry Braden
Tony Poole
Virginia Bonvicini
Water 2 Wine
Please support all of the businesses who helped donate to the event.
Special Thanks

To our major sponsors:
GrooveShark, Spirithoods and ViaWest!

To all our Table Sponsors
and to everyone who attended!

A special thank you to everyone
who flew in from out of town to attend.

To the businesses and individuals
who donated to the auction and the wine garden.

To the volunteers who made the event run smoothly.

And to the Board of Directors
of Pandas International.

(Note: Two bottles of wine from the wine garden, #38 & #52,
and one pair of sunglasses were left at the restaurant.
If these items are yours, please call 303-933-2365)
Pandas International director, Suzanne Braden, announced some exciting news — the videos that were playing throughout the evening were from a web cam at the Bifengxia Panda Center provided by Pandas International is extremely fortunate to have the privilege of partnering with A few months ago, when we contacted explore with the idea they might want to focus on the bamboo replanting and reintroduction projects PI was working on, the founder of , Charles Annenberg Weingarten, was in Colorado to plan projects for 2012 with Jason Damata of Fabric Media. They were actually discussing the possibility of a panda project when our email arrived. Jason attended the dinner and explained that is a multi-media organization which tries to educate people about the importance of the earth and the creatures with whom we share it. The panda project will be part of their Pearls of the Planet program and I agree: Giant Pandas are certainly one of the Pearls of the Planet. Jason also announced that more panda cams would be coming on line in the next couple of months.
Rebuilding Wolong Panda Center

Wolong Construction Site

Wolong Panda Center was severely damaged in the massive Earthquake of 2008. A new location was determined to be geologically safer since it is not right at the base of the mountains. The new Center will be within the Wolong Nature Reserve near the Town of Gengda in the Wolong Special Administration Region, Sheng Shuping area for captive breeding.

Center for Disease Control

Aerial View of the CDC Center

While the Wolong Panda Center is under construction, a new Center for Disease Control is also being built at Juandongguo of Shiqiao Village, Qingchen Mountain Town outside of Dujiangyan city. This CDC center will serve both the Wolong and the Bifengxia Panda Centers as well as all the wild pandas in Sichuan Province.


Cao Cao with Cub Tao Tao

Reintroduction is underway both at the old Wolong Panda Center in sections not damaged by the earthquake and at the Bifengxia Center. When the new Wolong Panda Center is completed, the reintroduction area will be at Huangcaoping.

After the unfortunate death of Xiang Xiang,  the entire reintroduction program was reevaluated and scientists determined it would be better for the animal being released never to have had direct contact with humans. There are currently five mothers and cubs in the reintroduction program. The mothers are placed in a semi- wild enclosure and give birth with no human intervention in manmade dens. The cubs are cared for by the mother while being monitored by caretakers. Behavioral research has already shown there is increased communication in the semi- wild enclosures between the mother and the cub. Since the cub can get out of the mother’s sight, she is constantly calling to the cub and making sure he/she is in sight and safe.

Vets and caretakers dress in panda suits when they do health checks and move the cubs. The hope is the cubs will have a natural fear of humans if they are released. The first cub born under this program was Tao Tao born to Cao Cao. (See slide show for photos)


Large areas of bamboo were severely damaged in the massive Earthquake of 2008. Additional damage from torrential rains resulting in flooding and rock and mud slides continued in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Unusually heavy snow in 2011 also caused additional damage to the bamboo.

Bamboo is the main food source of the Giant Panda. Although they will eat meat, flowers and fish, they are not good hunters and rely primarily on bamboo.

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