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Thank you...

... to our Pandas International members who helped to deliver our newest batch of supplies to the Bifengxia Panda Base this past month.  Pandas International donated three animal stretchers and over a hundred vaccines.

— Pandas International

China's Great Pandas
Giant Pandas Move to the Mount Emei Xianzhi Zhujian Ecological Park near Leshan

Ge Ge, Zhen Zhen and Min Min have recently been moved to the Mount Emei Xianzhi Zhujian Ecological Park. These three Giant Pandas are the first Giant Pandas to live in the park. They were transported from the Bifengxia Reserve on March 30. All three Giant Pandas are doing well in their new homes.

Indonesia and China to Exchange Komodo with Panda

Indonesia and China have plans to exchange Indonesia's Komodo dragon for China's Giant Panda. This exchange will act as a symbol of the two countries long and close relationship. There is no set date as to when the animals will be exchanged but plans are being made to move the animals soon.

Cui Cui and Duo Duo Bid Farewell to the Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo
Cui Cui and Duo Duo have left Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo to go back to Sichuan to mate and have cubs at the Ya'an Bi Feng Xia Base of CCRCGP. Both pandas were both born in 2006 in Wolong. After the earthquake of May 2008, Cui Cui and Duo Duo, along with Cui Cui’s twin brother Lang Lang, moved to the Beijing Zoo. In April 2009 the trio was moved to the Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Unfortunately, Lang Lang died of epileptic seizures on December 16, 2010. A brief farewell ceremony was held at the Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo.
USA Giant Pandas
April 16, 2012

LIng Ling and Psing Psing

Forty years ago today, "panda-monium" officially struck Washington, DC with the arrival of two Giant Pandas at Andrews Air Force Base. The pandas, Hsing-Hsing (male) and Ling-Ling (female), were a state gift from the People's Republic of China following President Richard Nixon’s historic visit to the country (Nixon presented the Chinese with a pair of musk oxen). They were officially presented to the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park on April 20, 1972, four days after their arrival in the country, and were accepted by First Lady Patricia Nixon.

Panda Protectors
Happy Birthday Anna

Anna and friends

"For my Save the Pandas birthday party, I asked all of my friends to bring a donation to Panda's International instead of a gift for me.   Everybody was excited to help the pandas and we raised $325. We all wore black and white to the party, made panda masks (found on your website) and painted pandas on our fingernails.  We ate panda cupcakes and gummi bears and had lots of fun!  It was my best birthday party ever!" Thank you Anna for helping the Giant Pandas.

Congratulations Village School

We want to thank Village School Kindergarten for renewing their adoption of Tong Tong for the sixth year in a row! The kindergarten class first adopted Tong Tong (and nicknamed her Village) in 2007. Every year since then, the students take a "tour of China” combining lessons about China with a successful fundraiser to readopt Tong Tong. What an accomplishment! Congratulations and we appreciate your hard work to help save endangered Giant Pandas.

Happy 9th Birthday Lanie

Lanie and friends

Lanie loves Giant Pandas so much that she held a Giant Panda birthday party and asked for donations for Pandas International in lieu of gifts. She was able to collect $38.00! At the party her friends made cute Giant Panda candy jars which she is holding in the picture, and Giant Panda cupcakes. Thank you Lanie for helping to save the Giant Panda.

Thank You Teresa and Michael

Teresa and Michael

8 year-old Teresa Carroll and 6 year-old Michael Schiumo are best friends at Our Lady of Grace Montessori School in Manhasset, NY.  

Every time they have a play date they enjoy playing with all 16 of Teresa's plush pandas, but when they learned there were only 1,600 of their favorite animals left in the wild, they really wanted to help them.

Teresa rented panda books from her library and Michael looked at websites dedicated to saving the Pandas.  They decided to hold a school fundraiser for Pandas International. They got contributions from their families and took donations from their classmates and teachers to ‘Save the Panda.’   

Altogether their families and the students and faculty of Our Lady of Grace donated $113.00 with Teresa and Michael giving over their allowance for a total donation of $132.00. 

These two best friends will never stop loving Pandas!

Panda Videos and Pictures
Bifengxia Panda Video
Baby Giant Panda Tries to Climb
Ya Ya and Lei Lei at the Memphis Zoo
Plant a Tree for a Giant Panda

The Wolong Panda Center in the Wolong Nature Reserve is currently being rebuilt.  A huge bamboo planting project is underway funded by Pandas International. However, in order to mimic the Giant Pandas natural habitat, trees must be planted alongside the bamboo.  Help to create a more natural habitat for the Giant Pandas in Wolong by planting a tree today. 

Each tree will cost about $160. The types of trees planted will be any of the species below: Fir, Hemlock, Masters Larch, Spruce, Pine, Birch, Maple, Dove, Chestnut, Katsura, Giant Dogwood, Chinese Magnolia, Sprenger Magnolia, Dye, Chinese Poplar, Cherry, Wing Nut, Rhododendron, Mountain Ash and Tetracentron. Wolong is looking to plant about 150 trees with bamboo around the Panda Center.

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Wedding season is nearly here—and you may have already received save-the-date cards or invitations to upcoming celebrations. Now you want to find the perfect gift for each couple. How can you make your gift stand out and mean more to them?

Congratulate the newlyweds and honor their commitment to each other in a meaningful way—with a gift of charity. Donate to Pandas International in honor of the married couple to be.

While other presents may go unused or stored for years to come, your thoughtful gift of charity will make a difference immediately and shares their love in a lasting and meaningful way. It is a gift that is sure to be remembered and appreciated!

Pandas International will provide the married couple with a certificate in honor of them, a cute panda plush, and a Giant Panda card with a personalized message from you! 

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