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Pandas in China
Tao Tao Released into the Wild
Tao Tao wearing the GPS collage supplied by Pandas International
Tao Tao wearing the GPS collar supplied
by Pandas International
On October 11 at Shimian a major step in diversifying the gene pool among wild giant pandas took place. Tao Tao, a captive born panda who turned two on August 3, 2012, was released into the wild.

This carefully planned reintroduction program began with the selection of Cao Cao to be the first female in the program. She was placed in three separate natural enclosures and gave birth to Tao Tao without human intervention same as a wild female panda would. Contact with humans was limited and fear of humans encouraged. When entering the enclosure with Tao Tao the keepers all wore panda costumes covered in Panda feces in order to mask the human smell so he would not become sensitized to human features.

Tao Tao has been wandering farther away from Cao Cao and two is generally the age when cubs finally leave their mother.

Huang Yan, Vice Director of Research for The China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP), who is in charge of the reintroduction program, stated, "This is a significant event for both captive and wild pandas. By following Tao Tao and his life in the wild, other captive pandas may one day also be released into the wild thus helping this beloved and endangered species grow." Tao Tao's genes will help the wild pandas in this region of China.

Tao Tao's movements will be monitored with a special GPS collar for safety, and for gathering important research data about the lives of the solitary animal. Pandas International a non-profit based in Littleton, CO supplied the special GPS collar.

Suzanne Braden, director of Pandas International, (, said, "This is a very important day because we've taken a huge step in beginning a program that hopefully will increase the numbers of wild pandas from the current estimate of only 1,600." Braden also commented that endangered means we have time but extinction is forever and that's why this day is so critical.
8th Annual Hug My Cub Event
8th Annual Hug My Cub Event
8th Annual Hug My Cub Tour
Source: Suzanne Braden
Hug My Cub is an annual gathering for individuals who have adopted pandas through the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) at both the Wolong and Bifengxia Panda Centers. For about a week, individuals assist panda caretakers with the daily routine of cleaning enclosures, transporting bamboo, preparing the food and feeding the pandas their special panda bread. This year, volunteers also planted bamboo on the grounds of the Bifengxia Panda Center.

Shea visited her adopted panda Tong Tong
Shea visiting her adopted Panda Tong Tong
In addition to volunteering at the Panda Center, the group was also able to tour the recently opened Center for Disease Control outside of Dujianyan. This center was established to care for aging or disabled pandas and serve as a quarantine facility if needed. At the center, the group was able to meet Pan Pan, an aging Panda who is the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather of many captive born Pandas.

Suzanne Braden, Director of Pandas International, spent much of September in China visiting pandas at various locations. She jointed both the Access China tour group and the Hug my Cub group as they volunteered at Bifengxia. She will report on all her travels in an upcoming newsletter.
Pandas Around the World
Fu Hu preparing for travel to China
Fu Hu preparing for travel to China
Fu Hu is being Prepared for his Trip "Home"
Zookeepers at Austria’s Schönbrunn zoo are starting early to prepare Fu Hu for the long trip back to his Chinese homeland – expected to happen early next month. To prepare him for the trip, zookeepers are rewarding him with carrots and sweet potatoes every time he gets into the travel cage that will be used to transport him. Along with the sweet treats, some of the bamboo that the panda regularly eats is also being put in the crate to get him used to the enclosure. At some stage the crate will be closed and he will be lifted into the air to get used to the movement.
Tian Tian at Edinburgh Zoo
Tian Tian at Edinburgh Zoo
Giant Pandas at the Edinburgh Zoo are Honored
Edinburgh Zoo's resident Giant Pandas were honored recently for their services to Scottish tourism. Tian Tian, meaning "sweetie," and Yang Guang, meaning "sunshine," have been a top attraction at the zoo, with more than 500,000 visitors passing through their enclosure since they arrived from China in December 2011. The Chairman of Visit Scotland, Mike Cantlay said, "Since Tian Tian and Yang Guang’s arrival last year, they have put one of Scotland’s best-known visitor attractions on the world map and shown excellence in tourism, which is what the Scottish Thistle Awards are all about — so it's only right that we came here to honor their achievements."

In recognition of the honor, Tian Tian was presented with a special one-off Scottish Thistle Award — crafted entirely from bamboo.
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Panda Protectors
Amber and Kerry Compete for a Cause
Competing for a cause
Competing for a cause
Earlier this year, Amber and Kerry competed in the Hale Kids Triathlon to raise money for Pandas International. Both girls completed the triathlon proudly wearing their Pandas International t-shirts! The girls raised over $200 for the Pandas. Thank you, ladies. What an accomplishment!
Panda Partners
Susan Becker's Animal Portraits
Duet by Susan Becker
Duet by Susan Becker
Susan Becker creates intimate, intense animal portraiture that interprets a unique sense of dignity and personality - be it joy, hope, desire, or even sorrow, so that each furry individual can be celebrated and cherished, both in the moment, and for life. Her hope is that her art brings joy to animal lovers, raises funds for animal advocacy, and inspires others to learn about and protect our precious friends. Susan has graciously offered to donate 10% from portrait commissions and 20% from the sale of matted prints and note cards featuring her Panda images to Pandas International. Thank you, Susan!
Panda Photos and Videos
Bai Yun's Cub Takes his First Steps
Bai Yun's cub takes his first steps
Bai Yun's cub takes his first steps
Bai Yun's 11-week-old cub, nicknamed "Sausage" by zookeepers, has taken his first steps as captured during his ninth exam. The 21.6-inch, 7.2-lb. Giant Panda cub has grown increasingly active, according to the San Diego Zoo's blog. Although those first bursts of movement look more like a crawl, the little ball of fur can already climb out of his den all by himself, and he's beginning to stand up on all four paws. You can also catch another glimpse of the playful cub via the zoo's panda cam.
Suzanne presenting Tai Shan's birthday banner
Suzanne presenting Tai Shan's birthday banner
Suzanne Presents Tai Shan's Birthday Banner to his Keepers
While in China earlier this month, Suzanne had the honor of presenting Tai Shan's birthday banner to his keepers. The banner included birthday wishes from around the world.
Other News
Colorado Gives Day
Giving First is proud to present the 3rd annual Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Colorado Gives Day is a 24 hour period in which people in COLORADO and around the WORLD can donate to Colorado charities. All credit card processing fees are covered by First Bank which means 100% of your donations will go to Pandas International. First Bank also has several incentive funds which make your donation go even farther. Please consider a year end donation on Colorado day to help the Giant Pandas.
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Another Chance - Animal Rescues - Book Two
Guo Guo Featured in a New Kindle Book
Claire McClennan has authored a fantastic book entitled Another Chance — Animal Rescues — Book Two highlighting animal rescues around the world. Guo Guo, one of the Pandas rescued during the 2008 earthquake, and the first rescued Panda to give birth after the disaster, is featured in the book (Chapter 2).
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