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Pandas in China
Pandas Arrive at the Dalian Forest Zoo
Si Xue
Three pandas born in 2010 at Bifengxia arrived at the Dalian Forest Zoo in Dalian, a city in China's Liaoning Province on September 21, 2012. The Dalian pandas are Jin Hu, Zhu Yun's son born on July 8, 2010, Fei Yun, Fei Fei's daughter born on July 30, 2010 and Cai Zhen, Ge Ge's daughter born on August 9, 2010.
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Hua Mei
Tai Shan
Tai Shan has a New Home
We know that many of you watch the live Panda Cams on and are sure by now that you've noticed that Tai Shan is no longer in his enclosure. Tai has actually been moved to a new enclosure and An An is now in Tai's former enclosure and featured on the Panda Cam.

Tai Shan was moved on 18 September 2012 to a much more peaceful and quiet enclosure where he is essentially separated from the various forms of "tourist interaction" that he has been experiencing. Tai's new, more secluded "retreat" is a much better environment for him and he already seems more relaxed and at home.
Si Jia
Mei Xiang
Pandas Around the World
Our Condolences
Along with many around the world, we were saddened to hear the heartbreaking news that Mei Xiang had lost her cub just a week after we all celebrated her birth. Veterinarians still aren't certain of the cause of death, but initial observations revealed that the newborn had an abnormal liver and worrying fluid buildup in its abdomen. All indications are that Mei Xiang was a perfect mom to the little one.
Feng Yi
Jia Jia
Jia Jia and Kai Kai Get a Clean Bill of Health in Singapore
Singapore's panda couple got their first top-to-toe check-up and vets have given both a clean bill of health. Vets said the pandas are adapting well to their new enclosure, where humidity and temperature are controlled to suit their natural environment. Visitors can expect to see the pandas when their home — the River Safari — opens in December.
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Panda Partners
Save a Panda with Storm Legion™ — now through Oct. 3
Video-game makers Trion Worlds have partnered with us to promote Panda welfare now through Oct. 3! They're donating $1 to our preservation efforts for every pre-order of their new expansion to the award-winning MMORPG of 2011, RIFT®. Head over to to learn more!
Erica Vojnich - Stunning Artwork of Tai Shan
Erica Vojnich, a longtime supporter of Pandas International and inspired artist, created "Birthday Wishes," a beautiful portrait of Tai Shan, for an auction celebrating his 3rd Birthday. Reprints of the portrait are available on her website. Says the artist, "It is with great pride that I'm able to sell limited edition prints of this piece with 20% of the proceeds being donated to Pandas International. I'm proud as an artist, to have the opportunity to have those enjoy my work, but to also help this beautiful animal from going into extinction." Thank you, Erica, for your support and for sharing your beautiful artwork with all of us.
Panda Protectors
Pandas International normally features amazing kids who help the Giant Pandas out but this time around we are featuring one of our adult donors. Recently this wonderful donor celebrated her 60th birthday! Instead of gifts, one of her friends arranged for everyone to donate to Pandas International. Through her birthday she was able to raise $1,128.13. Thank you to everyone who helped to donate for this special person’s 60th birthday!
Panda Photos and Videos
It's a Boy for Bai Yun
Check-ups continue to go well for Bai Yun's cub, born July 29th at the Sand Diego Zoo. At 5 weeks old, on September 6th, the cub had its weekly exam veterinarians determined the 3.2-pound baby panda is a boy. At his week 6 exam, veterinarians observed that he is starting to open his eyes.
Panda Cam Highlights from Explore.Org and UStream
Our friends at continue to capture amazing footage from the Panda Cams in the Bifenxia Panda Reserve. You can see more great videos on the link provided or by visiting our Pinterest Page.
Other News
We're Blogging
Yes, you read that right - Pandas International now has a blog. Just another way for us to keep you informed of what is happening with Pandas around the world.
Adoptable Panda of the Week Feature
If you haven't visited our Facebook page recently, you may not know that we are introducing a new "Adoptable Panda of the Week" each Tuesday. Money raised through our adoption program are forwarded directly to the Panda Base and cover the cost of caretaker staff, veterinary care, medicine and vitamins, and lots of bamboo. You can learn more about the adoption program at http://www. and be sure to check out our Facebook page or our blog every Tuesday for the Panda of the Week.
Holiday Cards
Si Jia
Christmas Thoughts
Hua Mei
Tangled Pandas
Check out two brand new holiday cards we have added to our holiday collection. Thank you to both Anne Belov and Erica Vojnich for donating the wonderful images for Pandas International’s use!

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