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Pandas in China
Zhen Zhen Successfully Mates during her First Breeding Season
Zhen Zhen Then Zhen Zhen Now
Zhen Zhen then and now
Hard to believe that the US born daughter of Bai Yun and Gao Gao is old enough to be mommy — but we're keeping our fingers crossed that this is the case. San Diego Zoo’s fourth returned panda, is now 5 1/2 years old, and the latest news from China indicates that she is doing very well. During this, her first mating season, She bred with two males, Lu Lu and Yuan Yuan.
Pandas Around the World
Er Shun and Da Mao are Welcomed in Canada
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Prime Minister Stephen Harper signs for the delivery
of Da Mao and Er Shun
Prime Minister Harper visited the Toronto Pearson International Airport on Monday, March 25 to witness the arrival of two giant pandas from China. The two pandas – female Er Shun and male Da Mao – will be staying in Canada for the next 10 years and will be splitting their time between the Toronto Zoo, who will host them first, and the Calgary Zoo where they will be transferred after 5 years.

Xiao Liwu and mama Bai Yun enjoy the snow
Mr. Wu Gets a Snow Day
Like a lot of kids this winter, Mr. Wu got to enjoy his very first snow day, even though he lives in Southern California. The zoo has a truck that comes in and turns large blocks of ice into snow which is then sprayed into the Panda exhibit. It was the first time that 7-month-old Xiao Liwu had ever seen snow and at first, the cub seemed slightly puzzled by his white surroundings. After a moment of hesitation, the cub began to run around in the snow and went back to tumbling and playing with his mother.
Mother Giant Panda and Cub
Mother Giant Panda and Cub
Pandas Named the most Distinctive Symbol of China
According to a survey of Chinese foreign affairs authorities, the panda has become the most popular and distinctive symbol of China to the rest of the world - followed by the Great Wall and Jackie Chan. The survey, conducted by the Charhar Institute, the Center for International Communication Studies of China International Publishing Group, and Chinese market research institute Millward Brown ACSR, polled thousands of people in the United States, Britain, Australia, India, Malaysia and South Africa to investigate China’s national image as well as the images of its citizens, culture and brands.
Panda Photos and Videos
Mom is just too exhausted
to play!
Exhausted Mom Panda
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Gangnam Style Invades
Panda Centers
Pandas Gangnam Style
All the staff at the pandas centers work very hard- long days, lots of anxiety when your "baby" gets sick, and the fate of a beloved species in your hands can be very stressful so every once in a while a little fun and dancing is in order! From Director Professor Zhang Hemin to the cooks in the staff canteen, everyone plus a cub in the nursery took part in some good Gangnam fun.
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Other News
Why We Get so Excited About Giant Pandas
Why We Get So Excited about Giant Pandas
Photo © Hung Chung Chih
Ever wonder what it is about these bears that makes us love them so much? Scientists say it's all in the eyes - the eye patches that is! "People love big eyes because it reminds them of children," Swaisgood says. "This is called neoteny in scientific terms." Neoteny refers to the retention of juvenile features into adulthood, and when it comes to pandas, which seem to be perpetually grinning and looking like babies, we just can’t get enough.
Pandas International's 2nd Annual Spring Online Auction
Spring Online AuctionPandas International is holding their 2nd Annual Spring online auction beginning on Friday, April 5. The auction will feature lots of wonderful panda items as well as a variety of other art and jewelry. The auction will run until Sunday, April 14.
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Pennies for Pandas Donation
This letter came from a wonderful student who’s class helped to raise over $200 for the Pandas. We loved all of the beautifully written letters and truly appreciate your support!
Pennies for Pandas Donations
Partners and Programs
Village School Kindergarten Bake Sale raises money to Adopt Tong Tong
Village School Bake Sale
Village School Bake Sale
February 26 was the 7th Annual Bake Sale hosted by the Village School Kindergarten to raise money for our adoption of Tong Tong. Much of the success of the bake sale comes from the each kindergarten family who donates two dozen treats to the bake sale. Families get creative with the treats. One family made cake pops attached to a photo of a Giant Panda saying thank you. Another family attached to each treat bag a panda note cards saying thank you. We also sold rice krispy treats in the shape of pandas. The kindergarten students sell the treats for $1.00 each to the Village School community during morning recess.

The kindergarten curriculum is called a "Passport to Adventure." One of the countries we focus on during our travel adventures is China. We study the many aspects of culture of China including the panda. The adoption of Tong Tong is one of the kindergarten community service projects. It impacts the whole school community. Each grade remembers the year they were in kindergarten trying to raise money for Tong Tong. And, each year the amount we raise has been increasing. Most students now say "Keep the change!" We often receive a twenty dollar bill from a student buying two or three treats who lets us keep the change. Selling treats (and keeping the change) helped us raise $985 for the adoption of Tong Tong.
Panda Formula Fund Raising
The Panda cubs of China are in need of formula! Pandas International has been asked to donate 100 bags of formula this Spring and we held a Donation Drive at the end of March specifically for Formula.
Panda Formula Fund Raising
Formula is vital in order to raise Panda cubs in captivity. Many times cubs are born to mothers who haven’t quite mastered the skills it takes to be a mother. This results in the cub being hand raised by humans. The formula created is specific for Panda cubs and allows them to develop as if they were being raised on mother’s milk. There are also incidences when a Panda has twins. In the wild if twins are born, usually one does not survive as the mother Panda is unable to raise both at the same time. However, in captivity because of the formula created for Pandas, humans can now help raise the second baby. This allows both Panda cubs to survive. Your donation for formula will go towards raising happy and healthy Panda cubs.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our formula fund for a chance to win the Minyoni Mother and Cub Panda Plush. The winner of the plush will be announced on Facebook this Wednesday.
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