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Lots of Cubs at CCRGCP
Bifengxia cubs
Bifengxia cubs
Between Wolong and Bifengxia, it is raining cubs at CCRCGP. Cao Cao (mother of Tao Tao who was released into the wild last year) gave birth to twins at Wolong. Hai Zi also gave birth to twins, both females, on June 22nd. Hua Mei gave birth to a single cub (the cubs daddy is Wu Gang) on July 18th at Hetaoping (Old Wolong). Xi Xi and Xi Mei both gave birth to a single cub at Bifengxia. Finally, Xin Nier gave birth to a female cub at Bifengxia. From the looks of it, there will be a few more cubs coming by the end of September.
The second 1/2 of the Formula has been Delivered to the Panda Center - THANK YOU again!
Thank you, once again, to everyone who gave generously to our formula drive in March. The second 1/2 of the shipment has been delivered to Bifengxia - just in time for all the new cubbies.
Happy Birthday, Tai Shan
Happy Birthday, Tai Shan
Tai Shan turns 8 and Shares Birthday Treats with the Pandas at BFX
Thanks to donations from Pandas Unlimited, Pandas International was able to provide funds for birthday treats for all of the Pandas at Bifengxia and Dujianyan. The staff went all out for Tai Shan’s 8th birthday. His cake was a panda cake with carrot and bamboo toppings, which he happily devoured bit by bit - even eating a good portion of the panda cake which has never been his favorite. Staff also made cakes and treats for the other pandas at the base in celebration.
See Tai Shan's birthday photos and the panda cakes given to the other BFX pandas >>

Newest addition to the Taipei Zoo
Newest addition to the Taipei Zoo
New Cubbie at the Taipei Zoo
Yuan Yuan gave birth to single female cub at the Taipei zoo on July 6. The little girl, nicknamed Yuanzai" was born after Yuan Yuan was artificially inseminated with sperm from Tuan Tuan. She is being fed by her mother's milk but is currently being cared for by keepers since Yuan Yuan is a first time mother. Keepers report that she has a good appetite and is in good health.
Watch Yuan Yuan give birth >>
Xiao Liwu Celebrates his 1st Birthday at the San Diego Zoo
Xiao Liwu enjoys his birthday cake - image copyright Fox5 San Diego
Xiao Liwu enjoys his birthday cake - image © Fox5 San Diego
Xiao Liwu, more affectionately referred to as Mr. Wu, celebrated his first birthday on Monday, July 29, at the San Diego Zoo. The little panda's celebration included a birthday cake, presents, and panda party decorations. The 200 lb ice cake was flavored with yams, apples, and shaved carrots decorated with bamboo leaf bows. Gifts of alfalfa and biscuits were hung from trees inside the exhibit.
See video >>
Lun Lun Gives Birth to Twins at the Atlanta Zoo
Zoo Atlanta twins
Zoo Atlanta twins
Lun Lun, the 15-year-old giant panda at Zoo Atlanta, gave birth to twins on July 15, 2013. The first of the tiny cubs arrived at 6:21 p.m., and its twin followed at 6:23 p.m. The cubs are the first giant pandas to be born in the U.S. in 2013 and the first twins to be born in the U.S. since 1987. The cubs are the fourth and fifth giant pandas born at Zoo Atlanta. All five of Lun Lun’s and Yang Yang’s cubs have been products of artificial insemination. The cubs are doing fantastic and are being swapped between mom and the keepers to ensure that they are getting adequate nourishment and care.
Watch the twins on the panda cam >>
Thank you Emily for being a Panda Protector

Emily's Panda Party
Thank you so very much, Emily for your $100 donation to Pandas International. Emily raised money for the pandas through a lemonade stand and asking for donations at her birthday party.
Panda Photos and Videos
19 Cute Panda Moments
Annette Celebrates the
Dragon Boat Festival with Si Jia
MSN has put together a compilation of "19 of the cutest panda moments in the history of the world" — a collection of sweet snapshots and charming video clips to make all panda fans smile. Annette Yuen, Pandas International’s Consultant to CCRCGP, has a special place in her heart for her adopted panda Si Jia. She is a regular visitor to Hong Kong’s Yunnan Wild Animal Park where Si Jia lives and never misses a Dragon Boat Festival at the park. This year, she was more than just an observer helping to prepare and deliver special dumplings to Si Jia.
Enjoy the moments now >> Watch the video >>
Online Auction in Honor of Tai Shan's Birthday raises over $2200
Our online auction in celebration of Tai Shan's 8th birthday was a great success. Among the amazing items sold were a beautiful Tai Shan photo quilt, a hand painted tea set from Erica Vojnich, a number of beautiful Tai photos, a limited edition HRC Tai Shan Birthday Pin and so much more. Thank you again to all who participated in the auction!
GOgroove Speakers from Accessory Power
GOgroove Speakers from Accessory Power
Accessory Power to Host 120-day Campaign for Pandas International
Accessory Power is hosting a 4-month fundraising campaign, with a portion of net proceeds from the newly-released GOgroove Groove Pal Panda and Junior Panda Pal portable speakers will be donated to Pandas International. The fundraiser will take place between July 1 and October 31st across all channels where the speakers are sold. Accessory Power’s Groove Pal Panda and Junior Panda are portable speakers with a Giant Panda-inspired design theme.
More Flooding in the Sichuan Province - More Help Needed for the Panda Bases
Flooding in China
Flooding in China
The rainstorms that flooded large areas of southwest China in the Sichuan Province last month are said to be the worst in five decades. Flood waters washed out bridges, setting off a landslide that buried dozens of people and destroyed a memorial to victims of the 2008 earthquake.

Amidst the disaster surrounding them, the pandas and staff members at Wolong and Bifengxia are all unharmed. Flood waters did not leave the centers untouched, however. Keepers rooms, other facilities, and some of the enclosures were damaged and will need many repairs. The borders of some enclosures were completely destroyed when their foundations were washed away.

Wolong and Gengda were the hardest hit. The road to the new Wolong center was terribly damaged and is virtually impassible. In addition, the third release training enclosure in Hetaoping was completely destroyed. Finally, we learned that the bamboo base in Gengda was washed away.
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