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Haizi Gives Birth to the First Twins of the Year
One of Haizi's twins
One of Haizi's twins
Fabulous news for the Giant Panda population: Haizi, a female panda at Bifengxia - New Leopard Mountain, gave birth to healthy twin cubs on Saturday, June 22. These are the very first twin panda cubs to be born in the world this year. Haizi, a wildborn female, mated with wildborn males Bai Yang and Yi Bao earlier this year. The twins are both female and are named Miao Miao and Xin Xin! They were named by Shao Qiwei, head of the National Tourism Administration who visited the Bifengxia panda base on June 26.
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Tao Tao is Doing Well in the Wild
Tao Tao
Tao Tao
China's State Forestry Administration released a report recently highlighting the successes of Tao Tao's life in the wild over the past eight months. Since his release, a group of experts have been following Tao Tao with the help of a GPS collar (provided by Pandas International), radio positioning tools and DNA extracted from its excrement. All indications are that Tao Tao, now three years old, is living a healthy life in the Liziping Nature Reserve in Shimian County, Sichuan Province. In addition to surviving a cold winter, Tao Tao has also experienced the seasonal activities of his wild peers, including the mating season and interactions between groups of pandas, according to the administration.
Pandas Er Shun and Da Mao make Toronto Zoo debut
Toronto's two newest residents made their public debut last month to crowds of adoring new fans. Da Mao has proven to be the more social of the two bears, delighting visitors in his outdoor enclosure. Er Sun is a bit shyer so far, spending more of her time indoors. The bears are on a 10-year breeding loan from China and will be moved to Calgary for their final five years.
Volunteer at Bifengxia
Last Chance to book your once in a lifetime trip to volunteer at the Bifengxia Panda Reserve. Check out the two fabulous tours below and reserve your spot today!
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Panda Photos and Videos
Thanks to high temperatures in Southern China, Pandas are getting a few extra "treats" at the Liuzhou city animal zoo. Breeders prepared ice cream, watermelon and fruit frozen into ice blocks to help the pandas stay cool in the heat.
Hensley's 7th Birthday for the Pandas
Hensley's 7th Birthday for the Pandas
Hensley's Panda Party
Hensley has loved pandas since the first time she saw them at the zoo when she was 2 years old. So, of course when she decided to have a party and raise money for a charity she chose Pandas International. Her birthday was also on April 20th, the day of the earthquake that hit Lushan. After hearing of the earthquake Hensley was even more determined to raise money for the animal she so loves. Hensley raised an amazing total of $380.00 at her party. Happy 7th Birthday, Hensley! And thank you for helping the Pandas.
Pulaski Heights Middle School Students Raise Money for Pandas
Students in Ms. Grace's Planet Earth class at Pulaski Heights Middle School in Little Rock, Arkansas organized a Pennies 4 Pandas fundraising campaign. Students spent weeks researching a variety of important causes before choosing to get involved with Pandas International. Their goal was to raise $600 to adopt the beautiful Cai Yun, a panda displaced by an earthquake in China in 2008. The money would help pay for her care for one year.

The students created posters with pictures of Cai Yun and plastered the school. They recycled broken 5 gallon water jugs, covered them with Cai Yun's picture, and used them to collect change in the science classes. In less than 2 weeks, students, teachers, and staff donated almost $200. Though not enough to officially adopt Cai Yun, the students were pleased knowing they raised money for such an important cause. The money will be used to care for pandas in captivity, replant bamboo forests, and rebuild the Panda Center at the Wolong Nature Reserve in China.
Students at Sanderlin IB World School Collect $235 for the Pandas
Sanderlin Kids Raise Pennies for Pandas
Sanderlin Kids Raise Pennies for Pandas
For Jacquelin's 5th birthday she chose to host a Panda Birthday Party. Jacquelin asked all of her friends who attended her party to bring in pennies and change to help the Giant Pandas. At the end of the party Jacquelin and her friends raised $235 for Pandas International. Thank you very much for your generous support!
Finn Raises Money at the Project Learning Fair
Finn's letter and picture
Finn's letter and picture

Finn from Boulder, Colorado recently raised $100 at his project learning fair. He put together a wonderful presentation on the Pandas and helped to educate others about the Giant Pandas plight. Thank you Finn for your hard work and for helping Pandas International to spread the word about the importance of saving the Giant Panda.
Amanda Raises $150 for the Giant Pandas
Amanda's birthday party was held at the Center on Central in Paoli, PA ( Program Manager Katie Opher was happy to help Amanda and the girls support Pandas International by tailoring art projects to the theme. The girls learned to draw cartoons that included a Giant Panda mother and cub. They also had the opportunity to create pottery pieces from raw clay. "It was great to see the girls so passionate about their art and the cause," Opher shares. "I am certain the girls will carry this giving spirit moving forward." Thank you to Amanda and all of her birthday attendees for helping to save the Giant Panda.
Passion for Pandas
Former Taylor student got Goodwin hooked; Trip to China planned
By Evie Malm - Reprinted from The Foxboro Reporter
Reprinted from The Foxboro Reporter
Photo by Evie Maim
A little over a year from now, Cherie Leighton Goodwin will check off "a top priority on her bucket list." She will travel to China to learn more about pandas first-hand in the wild.

Goodwin's passion for pandas started with her job as a supervisor in the before and after school care program at the Taylor School. Seven years ago, then fourth grader, Haley Levesque shared her love of pandas with her morning mentor. Little did Levesque, now a sophomore at Bishop Feehan High School, realize that would lead Goodwin to an unending love of pandas and on-going fundraiser for the endangered species.
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Hand in Hand T-Shirt Delivery
Hand in Hand T-Shirt Delivery
Hand in Hand T-shirts are a Big Hit
The staff at the Panda Center received the Hand in Hand T-shirts donated by Pandas International to show our support.
Patrick delivering GPS Collars  to Huang Yan
Patrick delivering GPS Collars
to Huang Yan
Pandas International Delivers GPS Collars
Our sincere thanks goes out to Patrick Hutchison who delivered 4 infant collars and a radio tracking device to the Panda center for PI. The collars will be used in the reintroduction program.
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New Panda Partner - Nerium International
insert Nerium AD Pandas International is pleased to announce a new Fund Raising partnership with Nerium International. Nerium has an amazing anti-aging skincare treatment cream called Nerium AD. It helps with lines, wrinkles, redness, age spots, and overall give your skin a new glow and brightness! Every purchase you make generates a contribution for Pandas International! Now you can help save the Pandas and improve your skin all at the same time! For questions or more information about Nerium, please feel free to contact our Nerium support person, Lynn Brown at 303-898-6168 or
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Pandas international
Pandas International Gets a Cyber Makeover
If you haven't been by the Pandas International website recently, you should take a minute to visit - we got a complete makeover! We are really excited about our new "face" and hope that you enjoy it too.
Mark Your Calendars - Our July Online Auction is Just Around the Corner
Thanks to all of our wonderful Tai Shan supporters we were able to put together a July Panda auction which will feature the beloved Tai Shan. We have received beautiful photos, collages, puzzles, quilts, and more to celebrate his upcoming 8th birthday. The auction will run from July 19th through the 28th. If you are interested in donating please contact us at or 303-933-2365.<
Panda Protectors Cover Art Contest
We recently launched our new Panda Protectors Facebook page, but it is feeling a bit "coverless." To help us celebrate the launch we are asking kids—ages 0-18—to submit cover art for the page. The art should be submitted digitally (e-mailed to and should be sized to approximately 4 inches by 11 inches. We will have an online poll to choose the winner, but all artwork will be featured! Please submit your entries by July 15th. The winner will receive a Panda Protector T-shirt and a $100 gift certificate to our online store.
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