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Pandas in China
Work to be Done Post Earthquake in Wild Panda Habitat
Thanks to Charlene for the translation
In a recent article published in China, researchers have concluded that the ecological damage from the April earthquake is more serious than initially thought. It appears that the earthquake has created islands of panda habitat, essentially fragmenting the area and weakening or blocking typical corridors of panda migration. Boaxing County, where pandas were first discovered by Father David, was the hardest hit. Since the earthquake occurred during the breeding period and cut off access corridors, there may have been a higher incidence of inbreeding and a loss of genetic diversity this season. The corridors will need to be reconstructed and panda habitats will need to be restored. The Wild giant panda census, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2013, may also be extended as a result of the earthquake.
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Regents safely delivered to Bifengxia
Esbilac Formula Delivered to Bifengxia
About 1/2 of the Formula has been Delivered to the Panda Center - THANK YOU again!
Thank you, once again, to everyone who gave generously to our formula drive in March. Thanks to you, about 1/2 of the shipment has been delivered to Bifengxia. That means a lot of happy, healthy cubbies.
Pandas Around the World
Lin Ping
Artificial Insemination procedure at the Edinburgh Zoo
More Female Pandas Artificially Inseminated
Following on the heels of the artificial insemination of Mei Xiang at the National Zoo, we have learned that at least two more zoos have carried out AI procedures recently. Both Tian Tian, from the Edinburgh Zoo, and Hua Zui Ba, Zoo Madrid's female panda, were artificially inseminated in May. Our fingers are crossed that we will be welcoming new panda cubs in all three countries this summer/fall.
Mei Xiang
Lin Ping
Lin Ping will Return to Thailand - after a Trip to China
A very rare agreement has been reached between Thailand and China - after much negotiation, Lin Ping, a female giant panda who became a reality TV star after being born in Thailand's Chiang Mai Zoo, will be allowed to stay in Thailand for 15 years. Under the terms of the agreement, Lin Ping will remain in Thailand until October, when she'll travel to China and meet prospective mates. Once she has selected a mate, China will send both pandas back to Thailand.
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Fu Long
Rylan’s Panda Birthday Party
Panda Protectors
Rylan raises $160 for Pandas
Rylan loves pandas and decided to have a panda themed birthday party. Instead of gifts, she asked her guests to donate to Pandas International. Her party was fully panda themed with “The Great Panda Challenge” (a race to complete various tasks), coloring the panda poster, making panda stuffies and decorating little t-shirts. She even had a homemade Panda Piñata. Rylan put the stickers from the Pandas International party kit on little Chinese take-out boxes for the goodie bags, which included a fortune cookie and bracelet from Pandas International. The kids had a great time and Rylan raised $160 for PI. Thank you Rylan, for your support of the pandas!
Fu Long
Fu Long
Upland Country Day School
Upland Country Day School
Raises $50
Thank you very much to everyone at Upland Country Day School especially all of the students in Mrs. Bartel’s First Grade Class who helped to raise $50 for Pandas International. We truly appreciate your help and support of the Giant Pandas.
Mei Xiang
Happy 5th Birthday Jacquelin
For Jacquelin’s 5th birthday she chose to host a Panda Birthday Party.  Jacquelin asked all of her friends who attended her party to bring in pennies and change to help the Giant Pandas.  At the end of the party Jacquelin and her friends raised $200 for Pandas International.  Thank you very much for your generous support!
Recycled Cans for a Cause
The 5th grade students from St. Matthias Parish School in Milwaukee They learned about endangered species earlier in the year. They selected the Giant Panda as the species they wanted to help. By recycling aluminum cans on the campus, the students and faculty were able to make a generous donation of $44 to Pandas International. Thank you so very much for your support and your donation to help the pandas!
Fu Long
Caitlin and Emma’s Nearly New Sale
Caitlin and Emma hold a “Nearly New Sale” for the Pandas

Caitlin, and her best friend Emma, ran a ‘nearly new sale’ at their school, Chatsworth East International School, Singapore. They sold books, toys and games that they no longer play with and donated the money raised to help support “the excellent work at Pandas International”. The girls were able to raise $160. Thank you, Caitlin and Emma, for helping to support the Giant Pandas.  We appreciate your support!

Panda Photos and Videos
Thank you to our own Annette Yuen for the fabulous photos
Tai Shan
Shi Xiu's Second Cub
Thank you to the Wolong Panda Club for forwarding this beautiful image of Tai Shan.
Panda Cubs in Bifengxia Post Earthquake
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Er Shun and Da Mao Debut
at the Toronto Zoo
The Toronto Zoo put together a wonderful video about the big debut of their two new stars – Er Shun and Da Mao.  The two bears are drawing quite a crowd.
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Si Jai Playing with her Keeper
Thank you to Annette Yuen for the fabulous video of a very playful Si Jai.
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Wild Pandas Caught on Video
Camera traps set by WWF captured rare footage of the giant panda roaming through their remote natural habitats in China’s southwestern Sichuan Province. The benefit of camera traps is that there is practically zero human interference which helps give scientists a more accurate idea of how the species behave in the wild.
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Dr Tang and Others talk about the Conservation efforts at CCRCGP
This quick documentary highlights conservation efforts at CCRCGP.
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Correction from our May Newsletter
We mistakenly said that a photo in our May newsletter was Yong Ba. The panda in the photo is actually her granddaughter Feng Yi.
Dan Inject Devices
Hand In Hand T-shirt design
Hand in Hand
To show our continued support after last month's earthquake, we designed and printed T-shirts for the staff at the panda centers. We are thrilled to be working "hand in hand" with CCRCGP.
Updated Wolong Panda Club Book
The updated Wolong Panda Club Book has been published online. The Panda Club is the group within the CCRCGP that helps to coordinate adoptions of our beloved bears.
We'd love you to take a peek at all they do >>
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Fundraiser for Incubators
Regents safely delivered to Bifengxia
Incubators delivered to Bifengxia
Cub time is right around the corner at Bifengxia and with luck we will be welcoming many new cubs this year. In preparation, the Panda Center has asked PI to donate three new state-of-the-art incubators. We held a Donation Drive at the end of May specifically for incubators. We are happy to announce that the new incubators have been delivered. Chet Chin was there when the incubators arrived and Dr Wang requested her help to take the photographs. Thanks so much for all of your help Chet and thank you to everyone who donated!
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