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A Memorial for Tom McCoy
Tom McCoy
Pandas International has lost a dear friend, Tom McCoy, who worked for PI from 2007 until last summer. Tom did editing, proofing, internet research, writing and some grant work. Many of you may have enjoyed the poems he wrote for our eblasts, or the story about when a Moose takes a Panda to lunch. His help was invaluable to me on The Quake and the Wolong Pandas Book. When working on panda projects if someone asked him what he was doing he would reply "pandering."

Tom was extremely witty and was a valuable asset to PI. Tom had a keen intellect and loved to write poems, plays, short stories and press releases real or faux about grandchildren, pets, or my husband.

Being an ex-English Professor he was a real stickler about punctuation and thought Andrea and I used way to many exclamation points. He helped us try to stay balanced and grounded.

He lost his battle with cancer last week and will be missed by all who knew him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy Tom's charming tale "The Clumsiest Witch" about a bald witch named Doris who cast a spell over a town's children — makes for wonderful reading out loud to the kids or just for a smile. $5.99 available from

Suzanne Braden
Pandas in China
Meal Time
Meal Time
Earthquake Update
Pandas International has received word from Bifengxia that all of the Giant Pandas are doing well about a week after the 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit Lushan. The keepers have spent numerous hours calming all of the Giant Pandas which seem to have returned to a somewhat normal schedule. The 9 month old cubs in the picture are enjoying a wonderful appetizer of formula donated by our wonderful supporters at Pandas International.

Tai Shan
Tai Shan
There have also been several reports which have come out with news that the amount of land slides in the wild giant panda area has been much smaller than anticipated. The wild Giant Pandas habitat was not severely damaged giving hope that the wild Pandas were not badly affected.
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Wild Panda Rescued and Taken to Hetaoping, Doing "OK"
Wild Panda
A video showing a wild giant panda in distress and its subsequent rescue has led to many questions about how it is doing.

The panda, which was rescued when humans reported that it was in distress, was caged and moved to CCRCGP. A Wolong veterinarian examined the wild giant and determined it to be a three-year-old female weighing 67 kg. She was taken to Hetaoping for treatment. Bark was found in her feces indicating perhaps that she was unable to find bamboo and was extremely hungry. Staff at CCRCGP tell us that she is stable and is still under observation.
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Regents safely delivered to Bifengxia
Regents safely delivered to Bifengxia
Reagents Delivered to Bifengxia
In mid-March, after some complex coordination, our wonderful Advisory Board Member Weiyi Zhang flew to Shenyang to pick up the reagents and personally delivered them to Dr. Wang Chengdong who then transported them to the Panda Center.

The reagents, created and donated by Coralie Munro, are used to detect if a female panda is nearing her ovulation period or estrus. Estrogen levels are measured in the female panda’s urine to determine the peak time for mating. Often times female pandas will give other small clues that they are ready for mating, but to be 100% sure, their urine is tested using Coralie’s reagents so the veterinarians know for sure if the female panda is in fact ready to mate. Coralie is one of the few scientists to create these reagents and has been kind enough to donate them to Pandas International.
Lin Ping
Lin Ping
Pandas Around the World
Lin Ping Returning to Bifengxia
Lin Ping will be moving to Bifengxia sometime next month. She will turn 4 on May 27th. Lin Ping, the female panda born at the Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand, was recently awarded the Giant Panda Zoos Gold medal as being the "favorite Giant Panda Outside of China." The Thai team at the zoo had tried but was unable to negotiate an extension of the loan that has kept Lin Ping in Chiang Mai since birth. The Zoo will organize a farewell party for Lin Ping about a week before her expected departure on Thai Airways. The loan period for Lin Ping's parents ends in October, but the zoo is likely to push for an extension for them to stay.
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Mei Xiang
Mei Xiang
Mei Xiang Artificially Inseminated
To improve her chance of having a baby, Mei Xiang was artificially inseminated by not one – but two different panda daddy donors. The Huffington Post explained that "A Chinese veterinarian performed artificial insemination twice on 14-year-old Mei Xiang on March 30. For the first procedure, semen from the National Zoo's male panda Tian Tian was used; for the second, a mix of semen from Tian Tian and Gao Gao of the San Diego Zoo was used."

If Mei Xiang successfully gives birth, a paternity test will be performed.
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Xiao Liwu Living Life Front and Center
Xiao Liwu
Xiao Liwu
For a couple of weeks now pandas Xiao Liwu and Bai Yun have been in the front/main viewing area of the San Diego Zoo's Panda Trek. The cub is extremely good at climbing up to the top of the pine tree and has even found a spot that previous cubs would frequent to take a nap. Moving to the new exhibit was definitely an adjustment for the cub. He now seems to have a good handle on being out all day in front of his adoring public.

I know for our visitors it can be a little disappointing coming through the line to only see a distant little fur ball, but as we always say, "The bears run the show." As a panda narrator at the exhibit, I am often asked when the cub will come down or at what time is he more active, but I can guarantee you that there is no schedule for little Wu and mother Bai Yun! Please be patient and realize that this is normal for him to spend the majority of his time at this age in the trees, just like our previous cubs.
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Giant Panda Conservation and Exhibition Center project to be completed in November in Malaysia
Zoo Negara
Zoo Negara
The Giant Panda Conservation and Exhibition Centre project at Zoo Negara is expected to be completed in November 2013, said Natural Resource and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah Embas. Work on the 1.6 hectare exhibition centre started ahead of schedule and will conform to the natural habitat of the pair of pandas, Fu Wa and Feng Yi, from China complete with the cultivation of the type of bamboo they eat and temperature of 24 degrees Celsius which they are accustomed to, he said.

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Fu Long
Fu Long
Fu Long moved to Langzhong Zoo
Fu Long was moved to the Langzhong Zoo, Nanchong, Sichuan Province on March 23, 2013. The 5 year old male who was born at Tiergarten Schönbrunn / Zoo Vienna became already a favorite of the visitors. Rong Rong, who came to Langzhong on December 16, 2011, moved back to the Ya'an Bi Feng Xia Base of CCRCGP.

Fu Long has a good appetite, like the other panda in Langzhong, Hao Hao.
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Xiu Hua From the Chapultepec Zoo Dies
Xiu Hua was 27 years old and had been born and raised in the Chapultepec Zoo. She died of natural causes on Saturday night after the zoo had closed. Mexico was the first place ever to breed Giant Pandas in captivity outside of China. Xiu Hua was one of 3 Pandas currently living at the zoo.
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Panda Photos and Videos
Thank you to our own Annette Yuen for the fabulous photos
Shi Xiu’s Second cub
Shi Xiu's Second Cub
Playful Su Shan
Su Shan
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Xi Mei
Xi Mei
Yong Ba
Yong Ba
Kerry's Panda Birthday Party
Kerry's Panda Birthday Party
Panda Protectors
Kerry Raises $170 in Donations at Her Panda Birthday
Little Kerry loves pandas! She decided that she wanted to have a panda birthday and ordered one of our Panda birthday kits to help raise money for her favorite animal. The kids played sleeping pandas, drew panda faces on balloons, played pin the panda on the branch, made panda ears, panda cupcakes, and lots more! A friend of the family even made an amazing panda birthday cake for the occasion. Thank you Kerry for helping the pandas!
Dan Inject Devices
Dan Inject Devices
Dan Inject Immobilization Devices Safely Arrive in China
The Dan Inject immobilization devises requested by the Panda Centers safely arrived in China in mid April.  The anesthetic devices will help to safely immobilize pandas when necessary.
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