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Even more Cubs at CCRGCP!
More cubbie news from Bifengxia! On Sunday, August 11, Gong Zhu gave birth to a single cub at New Leopard Mountain in her semi-wild enclosure. Gong Zhu was the first giant panda in the world to be brought up by humans directly following her birth when her mother refused to care for her. Shui Xiu also gave birth at New Leopard Mountain on August 12th - to twins! Finally, Feng Yi gave birth to a single cub on the 18th. She missed her own birthday celebration, but we think welcoming a cubbie of her own is a good reason!
Mei Quing and Baby, Guangzhou
Mei Quing and Baby, Guangzhou
Mei Qing Gives Birth at Guangzhou
Mei Qing gave birth to a single baby boy on July 31st at the Xiang Jiang Safari Park, Chimelong Resort, Guangzhou. The cub is the first to be born in the Guangdong Province and is Mei Qing's second cub.
Brown Pandas
Brown Pandas
Just When You Thought it was All Black and White: The Brown Pandas

Meet Qizai, a resident of the Shaanxi Rare Wild Animals Rescuing and Raising Research Center in Shanxii Province in Northwest China, and the only brown and white Panda living in captivity. Qizai belongs to a subspecies established as Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis in 2005. The subspecies are more commonly referred to as Qinling pandas in reference to the isolated Qinling Mountains where they have been spotted since the mid-1980s. Although most have the traditional black and white coloring, some Qinling pandas (7 that have been spotted over the past 25 years) have the rare brown and tan coloring. Scientists are still uncertain as to why they display this unique coloration but you can read the theories on our blog.
National Zoo Baby
National Zoo Baby
Mei Xiang Gives Birth at the National Zoo
Mei Xiang gave birth to a cub at the Smithsonian's National Zoo at 5:32 p.m. on August 23rd. Zookeepers were able to conduct the cub's first neonatal exam on Sunday morning. According to a news release, the baby is "a bright, healthy shade of pink" and is eating and digesting successfully. The cub's sex, and its father, won't be known until tests are complete in the next two to three weeks.
Watch Mei Xiang and her cub on the
National Zoo panda cam >>
Yang Yang and Long Hui become parents in Vienna
Yang Yang and her new cub in Vienna
Yang Yang and her new cub in Vienna
Yang Yang and her mate Long Hui are the proud parents of another baby panda, the third one born to the pair. The newborn arrived at 12:24 on Wednesday, August 14th at the Schoenbrunn Zoo. Weighing in at four ounces, the new cub is one of the rare additions born through natural conception.
Taiwan's Panda Cub and Mother Reunited
Taiwan's first newborn panda and her mother were reunited recently for the first time since the cub was taken from her mother shortly after birth. The cub, Yuan Zai, had to be raised in an incubator for five weeks after she was slightly injured by first-time mother, Yuan Yuan, a few days after she was born. The little cub and mother were reunited on August 13th. When introduced, Yuan Yuan gently picked her daughter up, embraced her, and began breastfeeding. The two pandas then fell asleep together. Zookeepers have been leaving the pair together for longer periods of time and have occasionally let the cub remain with her mother overnight. Soon, the two will likely be left together full time.
Mikey's Winning Artwork
Mikey's Winning Artwork
Congratulations Mikey - Winner of the Panda Protectors Cover Art Contest
Throughout the month of August, we held a "cover artwork" contest for our newly launched Panda Protectors Facebook page. A page where we celebrate all of the hard work our Panda Protectors are doing around the world to help to preserve the Giant Panda. We want to thank everyone who participated. We were so very impressed by your artwork submissions. Congratulations go out to Mikey, our winner via online voting, who received a Panda Protector T-shirt and $100 gift card to our online store.
Visit the Panda Protector's Facebook Page >>
Panda Photos and Videos
Atlanta Twins First Few Days
We came across this great video compilation of the panda twins at Zoo Atlanta's first days. The boys continue to thrive under the combined care of Lun Lun and the keepers at the zoo.
Adorable baby moments >>
Suzanne's Adopted Daughter,
Su Shan, Turns 2
Su Shan Turns 2
Su Shan, the panda named after our own Suzanne Braden, celebrated her 2nd birthday complete with a birthday cake.
More on the celebration >>
Wine Tasting
Thank you to Everyone Who Attended our Wine Tasting Event
A very special "Thank You" to everyone who came out to our Wine Tasting Event on August 22nd. Guests were able to mingle with Pandas International board members and staff while enjoying unlimited wine tastings, wonderful appetizers (including Kim's famous pot stickers), and delicious deserts. Water 2 Wine was a gracious host, and with over 75 different wines on the tasting menu, we are pretty certain that everyone left with a new favorite.
Cao Cao and Tao Tao (who was released into the wild last October)
Cao Cao and Tao Tao (who was released into the wild last October)
Why are Cubs Born at Hetaoping so Important?
We love updating about all of the cubbies being born around the world this year, and there are sure to be many more announcements in the coming weeks, but we wanted to take just a minute to focus in on the cubs born at Old Wolong (Hetaoping). Cubs born at Hetaoping are a bit “special” as captive born cubs go. They are born into semi-wild enclosures and are raised with minimal human intervention as part of the reintroduction program of CCRCGP. Essentially, what this means is that cubs born at Hetaoping will likely, one day, be released into the wild.

Cao Cao (mother of released cub Tao Tao) and Hua Mei have both given birth at Hetaoping this year. You can read more about their cubs and the reintroduction program on our blog.
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