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Tai Shan turns five in style!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in signing Tai Shan's birthday card!
It is on its way to Bifengxia and will be there just in time for Tai's birthday!

According to the following video, a senior rep from the Sichuan Auto Group states that they are planning a big party for his birthday on 9th of July.
*correction from Tai Blast: The handler in the video is not Huang Shan
News from the Panda Center

Dear Pandas International!

Tai Shan is now 102 kg. He is very smart. When visitors come to see him, he likes striking a pose allowing them to take pictures. His loveliness brings a lot of happiness and cheer to the visitors. He is not picky with food; when it is mealtime, he licks his tongue and wanders around to see whether the keeper is coming.  After his meals, he climbs onto the wooden house in the playground to play or sleep. Please enjoy his pictures >>

Best regards,
Thank you, Suzanne,

Tai Shan is very well and happy here. He has increased his bodyweight over 10 kilograms since his return. He likes all the food here. Please tell the American people not to worry about him. Tai Shan has a big semi-wild enclosure, there are big trees and good forest, the environment is plentiful.

The new color ultrasound is very good; I’ve used it several times. Thank you very much!  Dr. Wang Chengdong said he has sent you some pictures from when we used the machine.

Best regards,
Dr. Tang Chunxian

Follow up on the rescued, wild panda

According to Dr. Wang of the Bifengxia Panda Center, the wild panda was suffering from severe anemia and had to receive a blood transfusion to repair her blood volume. She is now in stable condition and the Center is optimistic that she will recover.
Mei Lan is settling in at Chengdu
*translated from Chinese interview at the Chengdu Panda Center

Three months after returning from the United States, "Mei Lan" has fully adapted to and deeply in love with her home in Chengdu. Easy life for the "Little Miss" and her weight has also increased.

Chen Min looked at Mei Lan and told reporters, "This baby girl is very different with other pandas, more than three years old this age are generally more playful pandas, but she has a gentle temperament, elegant. She eats bamboo and apples very slowly and neatly with little waste." Mei Lan's body is in great shape. Every day, in addition to eating bamboo and bamboo shoots, she will also eat a special Wowotou and fruit. "No matter the time, she will sit and quietly eat the bamboo, chewing her food thoroughly pausing with another thoughtful look which is particularly popular," said Chen Min.
Ba Si Recovering From Serious Illness
Posted: 26 Jun 2010 03:06 PM PDT

Giant Panda Ba Si, One of the oldest known pandas was recently taken ill, but after 10 days of treatment and medicine she is making a recovery.

1st June 2010, Ba Si had unexpected pancreatitis. Fuzhou Panda Research Centre immediately called in experts form the Fuzhou Institute. The out look did not look good, but with expert care and a good fight from Ba Si, she pulled through.
Panda Release Plan Expected to Expand Gene Pool
Xinhua. Web Editor: Xu Leiying,  June 9, 2010

Chinese zoologists hope a scheme to gradually release captive-bred giant pandas into the wild will reduce the risk of inbreeding among the animals' wild partners.

"To maintain the genetic diversity of the rare species, we plan to release healthy, smart and adaptable pandas into the wild after strict selection and years of training," said Li Desheng, deputy director of the Wolong China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in southwestern Sichuan Province.

The separation of habitats, resulting from human activities, had fragmented the wild population of giant pandas, which could limit mating alternatives and lead to a high possibility of inbreeding, Li said.

"We hope the freed giant pandas could set up new communities in their natural habitat and thus enrich the wild population both in quantity and quality," Li said.
Giant pandas moved to ensure survival
By Ben Bravery and Tim O'Mahony

Photo credit: Wei Fuwen
BEIJING: The Chinese government has started moving giant pandas into the Xiaoxiangling Mountains in southwestern China, after recent research found the genetically-isolated panda population there at high risk for extinction.

Researchers hope that moving female pandas from other regions into the isolated area several hundred kilometers southwest of Chengdu will increase their population in the short term, and ensure their long-term survival, especially when coupled with habitat restoration and corridor construction.
Lead researcher Fuwen Wei presented his group's findings to the Chinese government, so they could begin translocating animals immediately.

"The [2006] pilot study to release a wild panda into a new habitat to see if it could survive involved a female released into Longxihongkou Nature Reserve," Wei said. "After several years of monitoring, it was found that she is surviving in the wild with no problems."

The success of that pilot study led to the recent translocation of a female panda named Luxing into the Xiaoxiangling Mountains. This was the first time pandas had been translocated as part of a conservation strategy.
US Panda News
Giant pandas expecting at Zoo Atlanta
June 16, 2010

ATLANTAZoo Atlanta officials confirmed today that Lun Lun, a 12-year-old female giant panda, was artificially inseminated on June 13, 2010.

The veterinary and animal management teams opted to employ artificial insemination (AI) after the world-famous panda 12-year-old Yang Yang, failed to mate during Lun Lun's critically brief window of fertility.

Time is of the essence in captive breeding of giant pandas, which are fertile for just two to three days a year.

Over the next few months, staff will continue to monitor Lun Lun's hormones and behavior for signs of a possible pregnancy.
Panda News from around the globe
Expo giant pandas attract more than 800,000 visitors
People’s Daily Online, June 17, 2010

Giant pandas have attracted more than 800,000 visitors from the Yangtze River Delta since the zoo was opened to the public five months ago, according to the Shanghai Zoo on June 16.

The 10 giant pandas, selected and sent by the China Wolong Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center, are living happy lives in Shanghai.

The zoo said that the 10 baby giant pandas are gradually growing up and some weigh more than 70 kilograms. According to sources, experts will adjust the diet for the giant pandas as they grow. For example, the steamed bread they are fed is made from 10 kinds of ingredients including bamboo powder, rice flour, soybean powder and corn powder, and fresh bamboo is also essential to ensure adequate nutrition.
Expo pandas taken to new wildlife park home
By Lu Feiran
June 28, 2010

THE 10 giant pandas on loan to the city for the World Expo said goodbye to the Shanghai Zoo yesterday as they were taken to their new home at the Shanghai Wildlife Park.
Pandas help push zoo numbers up 70 percent
ABC, Australia, Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photo credit: Trevor Hampel
Adelaide Zoo has had 70 percent more visitors since its giant pandas arrived about six months ago.

CEO of Zoos SA, Chris West, says Wang Wang and Funi have certainly lured the crowds.

"Over the first six months we've had 328,000 people come from far and wide to see Wang Wang and Funi. That's amazing," he said.

"That's nearly as much as in the previous 12 months and 25 percent of the people have come from interstate."

"[We hope] that'll continue for say about two years. But that hopefully will take us into the time period when Wang Wang junior appears and then it'll go crazy again," he said.

Full story >> Visit Trevor’s Travels some fantastic photos of Wang Wang and Fu Ni in their beautiful enclosure >>
More Taipei citizens visit Pandas during Festival
Xinhua, June 17, 2010

Visitors view giant panda Yuan Yuan at the zoo in Taipei, southeast China's Taiwan, June 16, 2010. Many local residents visited giant pandas Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan during the Dragon Boat Festival. [Xinhua]
Macao residents invited to name new "Panda citizens"
English News, CN 06-08-2010 MACAO, June 8

(Xinhua) — Residents of Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) will have the chance to name the panda pair given by the Chinese central government, under the naming contest launched by Macao SAR government on Tuesday. Each resident is eligible to take part in the naming contest once, and prizes for the contest of each panda will be 8,000 patacas (1,000 U.S. dollars), souvenirs and tickets to Chengdu for winner. Chen Limin, Secretary for Administration and Justice, appealed to residents when attending the press conference to take part in the contest to share the happiness of having panda citizens.
Name the pandas

The search is on for suitable names for the two giant pandas arriving in Singapore in 2011. Suggested names must be symbolic in meaning, reflect the close relationship between Singapore and China, and be easy to pronounce. The names must also be in Chinese, with the option of an English, Malay or Tamil translation.

The male and female pandas will be on loan from the China Wildlife Conservation Association as part of a 10-year collaboration with Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Kobe panda, China's half a million dollars a year to extend the rental agreement

Kobe Oji Zoo (Nada-ku, Kobe, Japan), In talks between the Chinese and Japanese regarding the two Kobe giant pandas, it appears that an agreement for a five-year extension of the current arrangement is likely.  The two groups have entered final negotiations that will have Japan donating 50 million dollars a year to China.
Giant pandas not expected in Capital until at least 2011
Published Date: 07 June 2010

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, which runs Edinburgh Zoo, is in talks over sponsorship to fund the pandas' arrival, and it is understood money is also being kept aside to fund the creation of the panda enclosure.

A spokeswoman for the Zoo said: "We are working hard to try and finalise details on the arrival of the giant pandas, and a team from the zoo were in China recently.

"We expect a delegation of officials from China to visit Edinburgh later this year to see the facility and discuss further details about the cost and timing of the pandas' arrival.

"I believe the earliest we could expect them to arrive now is 2011, but this is not holding up any work at the zoo.
Zoos strive to bring giant pandas to Canada
Three organizations in talks with China in hopes of acquiring animals on loan
Jamie Komarnicki, Canwest News Service, June 7, 2010

The last time giant pandas were in Calgary was in 1988. The visit was a roaring success, drawing a record number of visitors.

"That was the most exhilarating, the most energetic, the most superlative time of my entire career," recalled former Calgary Zoo director Peter Karsten. "We were just absolutely euphoric and intensely energetic about this thing."

Giant pandas last visited Toronto's zoo in 1985, though the Toronto Zoo has been involved in ongoing efforts to obtain a breeding pair of pandas for permanent exhibition.

One proposal is that New Zealand could send over
two kiwi to China as a part-trade for a pair of endangered giant pandas.
Secret talks to bring pandas to New Zealand
By DAVE BURGESS, The Dominion Post

Endangered Chinese giant pandas could be brought to Wellington Zoo under a secret deal.
It is understood Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast discussed bringing two pandas to the capital when she met the Beijing mayor in China this month.

The bears could be part-exchanged for a pair of kiwi under one suggested proposal.
News from a Friend
San Diego reporter, Sharon Chen, nominated for Emmy for her visit to Bifengxia

Hi Suzanne,

Greetings!!  How are you?!  Found out some news today.

Just wanted to share the attached picture with you and say — it NEVER would have been possible without you!

Thank you soooo very much!

San Diego 6 News
Sharon Chen l Reporter
News from a Member

For my 13th birthday I had a party where I invited my friends to make their gift to me in the form of a donation to be sent to Pandas International. Here are the reasons I chose Pandas and your organization.
  • There are only 1800 Giant Pandas left in the world. It's sad that the Pandas are disappearing because they are so cute!!
  • I chose Pandas International as the recipient of our donations because your total focus is to support the preservation of Giant Pandas. It is important that our donation go directly to the Pandas. While other organizations support Pandas, they support other causes too.
  • Everyone can make a difference in the world, but it only happens if you choose action.
I have great friends! They all supported this cause that is important to me and we are donating $202.00 to Pandas International so that you can SAVE THE PANDAS!

Thank you!!
Kaili, Washington

Thank you, Kaili!
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