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New Arrivals

Gong Zhu is a mother one day and a grandmother the next.

On August 24th, Gong Zhu gave birth to a single cub whose gender has not been determined as Gong Zhu is taking excellent care of her cub. Then on August 25th, Jun Zhu successfully welcomed a cub of her own to Bifengxia Panda Base! Like her mother, Gong Zhu, Jun Zhu has been able to care for her cub without assistance from the staff.

Yang Yang and cub
Second panda born in Vienna zoo
August 24, 2010

VIENNA — Another panda has been born in Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo, the second in Europe to be conceived naturally in captivity, the zoo said Tuesday.
The 10-year-old mother, Yang Yang, who made history on August 23, 2007, by giving birth to Fu Long -- Europe's first panda to be naturally conceived in captivity -- gave birth a second time on Monday afternoon after around four hours in labor, the zoo said in a statement.

The new baby, whose sex cannot yet be determined, was born exactly three years to the day after Fu Long, who was returned to China last year.

As was the case with Fu Long, Yang Yang was actually carrying two babies, but the second did not survive, said the zoo's expert Eveline Dungl.

Both the mother and the new baby were in good health and Yang Yang was letting her cub suckle, Dungl said.
Panda gives birth at advanced age of 17: report

BEIJING — A panda bear mother managed to give birth in southwest China on Friday despite having reached the venerable age of 17, equivalent to a human in her 60s, state news agency Xinhua reported.

Jini gave birth to a female cub weighing 125 grammes (4.4 ounces) after four hours in labour. Both mother and daughter are doing well, said the Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in Sichuan province.
The mother had already defied expectations by delivering her first cub in 2007 at the age of 13-and-a-half. That pregnancy lasted 324 days, more than double the normal period of 120-150 days.
Shui Xiu’s August 1st birth
Na Na is a mother again!

Just after Na Na’s twins turned one, she has once again delivered a healthy cub at Bifengxia. The cub was born on August 4th and by all early indications the cub is a robust male.
Female panda cub born in Sichuan
Xinhua, August 10, 2010

Ge Ge, the seven-year-old mother panda, gave birth to the cub at 11:23 p.m. at the Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Center.

The first-time mother struggled for six hours before giving birth to the cub, said Tang Chunxiang, an expert at the center.

"She did it without any assistance," he said.
The cub, weighing 159 grams, is healthy, Tang added.

Twin pandas born in SW China

CHENGDU, Aug. 6 (Xinhua) -- A giant panda gave birth to a pair of cubs, a male and a female, at a breeding center in southwest China's Sichuan Province Friday.
The female cub was born first at about 1:00 p.m., weighing 153 grams, and the male cub followed at about 3:45 p.m., said Huang Xiangming, an expert with the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

"Both the cubs and their mother are in good condition now," Huang said.

The mother, 11-year-old "Qi Zhen," completed natural mating with "Lin Lin" in February this year and became pregnant in July, he said.
Giant Panda Gives Birth to Twin Cubs at Animal Park in Wakayama Prefecture
By Adam Le - Aug 11, 2010

A giant Panda at the Adventure World animal park in western Japan has given birth to two cubs, the fourth time twin pandas have been born at the zoo.

The twins, a male and a female, were born yesterday morning and are yet to be named, spokesman Shinjiro Kamasaki said by telephone. The mother, Rauhin, was born in 2000 at the park in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) south of Osaka.

2010 Cubs at Bifengxia & Wolong—so far…

July 1st Ying Hua’s cub
July 7th Zhu Yun’s cub
July 26th Ju Xiao’s twins
July 28th Long Xin’s cub
July 29th Fei Fei’s cub
July 31st Shui Xiu’s twins
August 2nd Cao Cao’s cub
August 3rd Na Na’s cub
August 9th Ge Ge’s cub
August 13th Ji Ni’s cub
August 14th Mei Qing’s cub
August 24, 2010 Gong Zhu’s cub
August 25, 2010 Jun Zhu’s cub

Every new cub is truly an important milestone to the pandas’ survival.
Please consider helping ensure they grow strong and healthy by donating to the milk fund.
Panda News from China
Sadly, the panda world has lost a great mother

The elderly female panda housed at Xiamen Hiacang Safari Park passed away on August 22nd.  Known as Yau Yau, Tang Tang and #21, she is the mother of Lin Hui, female at Chiang Mai in Thailand and her twin brother Lin Yang; Xi Wang, female; Long Hui, male in Vienna; Ye Ye, female; Gu Gu in Beijing; Gong Zhu who just gave birth at Bifengxia; and Ju Xiao who gave birth to twins on July 27, 2010.

To her caregivers and the Pandas International members that have adopted her over the years, we send our heartfelt condolences.
Coping with heavy rains, giant pandas in NW China show ability to survive in the wild
By :: 2010-08-20

XI'AN, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- Though relentless downpours have caused continuous miseries for the country, it has brought smiles to the faces of the workers in a giant panda research center in northwest China, as the three giant pandas in the facility withstood being tested by the recent torrential rains.

"They appeared calm and clever in the face of the heavy rains. They climbed up hills and trees or hid themselves under the trees to avoid the rains." said Pu Zhiyong, a panda keeper from the Qinling Giant Panda Research Center in Foping Natural Reserve of Foping County, Shaanxi Province, on Friday.

Foping County has been pounded by the heaviest round of torrential rain this year, lasting from July 16 to July 25.

"It was the first time for the pandas to withstand such severe downpours since they were released from cages into the open 10 months ago. Their ability to avoid the rains adds to their chance to survive in the wild," said Wu Yanfeng, an official with the publicity department of Foping County government.
Giant Pandas: landscape has big effect on movement of genes within population'
Posted on August 20th, 2010

Science Daily: Genetic analysis of giant pandas has shown that features of their landscape have a profound effect on the movement of genes within their population.

Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Genetics found that physical barriers, such as areas lacking bamboo plants and other forest foliage, can separate giant pandas into isolated genetic groups.

Fuwen Wei, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, worked with a team of researchers to study giant pandas in the Xiaoxiangling and Daxiangling mountains. He said, “These results suggest that gene flow will be enhanced if the connectivity between the currently fragmented bamboo forests is increased. This may be of importance to conservation efforts as gene flow is one of the most important factors for maintaining genetic diversity within a species and counteracting the negative effects of habitat fragmentation.”

Sichuan's Wild Panda Population Grows 33 Percent in Three Decades

CHENGDU, Aug 2 (Bernama) -- The population of giant pandas living in the wild in southwest China's Sichuan Province has risen by 33 percent in the last three decades to 1,206, Xinhua quoted the local government as saying.

"Altogether 1,206 giant pandas are living in the mountains of Sichuan, making up at least 76 percent of China's total," the provincial forestry department said in a press release Monday.
The baby panda factory: Inside the extraordinary breeding centre where China is mass-producing infant pandas
by David Jones, July 31, 2010

Nigel Marven and cub
Masked and gowned to avoid passing on an infection, wildlife presenter Nigel Marven gazes in wonder at the tiny and rather odd- looking creature nestling helplessly inside a blanketed incubator.

Just a few inches long, with a furless, pink body and tightly scrunched-up eyes, it could be a newborn rabbit, or some sort of rodent, perhaps.

The project is considered so sensitive that only a handful of Westerners — all veterinary specialists — have been permitted inside the sound-proofed, softlylit nursery at the giant Panda Breeding And Research Centre in Chengdu, Western China.

But Marven was made an exception this week after he was appointed as Chengdu’s ‘Panda Ambassador’ — an honour previously awarded to just one man: China’s favourite actor, Jackie Chan.
And only the Daily Mail was there to capture a moment that the 49-year-old presenter described.

Tai Shan
US-born panda groomed for greatness

BEIJING, Aug. 14 (Xinhuanet) – Tai Shan, the United States-born giant panda, has been in his new Chinese home for just six months, but already his keepers want him to earn his keep — by starting a family.

But first, they have to ensure that Tai Shan is fit and healthy enough to mate.

To that end, Huang Shan, Tai Shan's feeder, cuts apples into small pieces and gives them to Tai Shan only when he stands up.

"It's a good exercise because it makes his hind legs stronger," Huang said. "Pandas need strong legs to be able to mate."

And Tai Shan's new home at the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda in Ya'an, Sichuan province, in Southwest China, should also be conducive to a panda's family life.

Tang Chunxiang, the center's deputy director, said Tai Shan's home covers more than 2,000 square meters and is the largest in the center.
Pandas in the US
Su Lin, Zhen Zhen Head To China At End Of Summer
SAN DIEGO – Two giant panda sisters born at the San Diego Zoo will be taken off public exhibit Monday in preparation for a journey to China at the end of the summer.

Su Lin, born in 2005, and Zhen Zhen, born in 2007, will be sent to the Wolong Nature Reserve Giant Panda Bi Feng Xia center, where they will be part of a conservation breeding program there, according to the zoo.

"We will miss Su Lin and Zhen Zhen, but as a conservation organization we are aware of the significant breeding contributions they will make in the preservation of this critically endangered species at another panda conservation center such as Bi Feng Zia," said Carmi Penny, co-head of the San Diego Zoo's GiantPanda Conservation unit.

Su Lin and Zhen Zhen will join two of their siblings already residing at the Bi Feng Xia facility.

Panda news around the world
Thailand pandas share special Mother's Day
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CHIANG MAI, Thailand (KABC) -- A panda mother and her cub shared a special treat on Tuesday commemorating Thailand's Mother's Day.

Thailand celebrates the birthday of its queen on Aug. 12, calling it Mother's Day.

On Tuesday, zookeepers gave the mom and her cub a special wreath of fruits and vegetables for the holiday.

The mother panda gave birth 15 months ago. Since then, the nation has been watching her take care of her baby.

Because she's done such a good job, the zoo has named her the best mother panda in the past two years.

(Copyright ©2010 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

A girl poses with a cartoon panda at
the Panda Painting and Sculpture Exhibition
in Shanghai, east China, on Aug. 3, 2010. (Xinhua/Liu Ying)
Panda painting & sculpture exhibition kicks off in Shanghai 2010-08-04 13:11:10

Some 20 paintings with the theme of panda created by Chinese artist Wang Shenyong and 11 panda sculptures were displayed at the exhibition on Tuesday. A panda-themed fashion show was also held at the exhibition.

Giant panda symbolizes luck and good fortune for Chinatown
By VIvian Luk, Vancouver Sun

Coun. Raymond Louie (left) and Chinatown business improvement
association president Albert Fok unveil street banners bearing Muse,
the temporary name for the neighbourhood's new mascot.
Photograph by: Ian Smith, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Sun

A cheery panda mascot with a calligraphy brush slung over his back is part of an effort to rebrand Chinatown as a hip, popular hangout spot for both old and young.

Muse, a mystical creature of good luck and good fortune, won by a landslide in an online poll to choose a mascot. He beat out Punkie, who sported a flaming mohawk hairdo and sunglasses, and chewed on a bamboo leaf.

The choice of the new mascot was announced Tuesday by Albert Fok, president of the Vancouver Chinatown Business Improvement Area Society.
News from a Member
California Girls Celebrating with and for the Pandas

Emily, Nicole and Katie of California decided that together they could not only share a day celebrating Emily’s birthday but they could also start a fundraising campaign to Save the Giant Panda!

To date this dynamic threesome has raised over $100 and they are still hard at it!  

Sincerest thanks to these amazing girls!
Panda Fan will swim in the 15th Annual Alcatraz Invitational Swim
July 24- 25, 2010, Denver, CO

Shewli, a 6th grader from Colorado, is preparing for her 1.25 mile swim from Alcatraz Island back to San Francisco on September 18, 2010.  This will be her second year to swim in this challenging event and she is dedicating it to cancer patients and survivors.

Early in her swimming career, Pandas International Board Member Andrea Muller had the opportunity to coach Shewli and was not surprised by her decision to return to the cold and rough waters surrounding “The Rock” with 600 others.
Shewli is also the daughter of our supporting artist donor Shohini Ghosh
Prints from Erica Vojnich

In our recent eblast titled "Art for Conservation" we ran the wrong photo of Tai Shan in our first eblast, and sent a second eblast with the correct photo. Several of our members contacted the artist and wanted the first print and others wanted both!

Birthday Wishes

©2010 Erica Vojnich. All rights reserved.
The original piece was created in 2008 with fine pastels. Erica donated the original piece of art to Pandas Unlimited in an auction celebrating Tai Shan's 3rd Birthday.
Tai Shan

©2010 Erica Vojnich. All rights reserved.
This original piece was created in 2009 with colored pencils. Erica donated the original piece of art to Pandas Unlimited in an auction celebration Tai Shan's 4th Birthday. It recently was awarded Best in Show in an International Animal Art Competition by Guests Gallery.

Both prints are fine art giclées on 11.5" x 16.5" on fine art paper. Image sizes are 9.75" x 13". Each print is $75 and 20% of the sales will be donated to Pandas International to help with the care of the newborn cubs.

They are limited edition prints and only 250 will be made of each one. Each will be accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Prints will be shipped individually in acid-free materials to ensure safe care.

New Jersey Sales tax will need to be applied to New Jersey sales. Shipping is $6.50 each for the US. Shipping costs will need to be calculated for International orders.

To order either of these fantastic prints before they sell out, please visit or write to
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