Olivia Helps the Pandas

Hi, my name is Olivia, and I am 8 years old.  This summer, I learned that pandas are going extinct.  I also learned that pandas only eat bamboo.  But, bamboo is being cut down which means there is less food for the pandas to eat, and that’s part of the reason they are going extinct.  After learning about this, that’s when I knew I had to help the pandas.

Because of this, I decided when I had a birthday party with my friends this summer, I did not need gifts.  Instead, I asked people to donate money to help save the pandas.  I really wanted to help them.  I raised $100, and I was able to sponsor two pandas through Pennies 4 Pandas.

I think it’s important to help save animals in our world because every single animal is part of our ecosystem, which means that every single animal has a part in the ecosystem.  Without one part of our ecosystem, other parts may come crashing down.  For example, if fish were gone, then bears would not have fish for food, so then they might go extinct.  That’s why it is important to protect all of the animals in the ecosystem.

So please donate money for pandas.  It will help the pandas and our ecosystem a lot.

Thank you Olivia for your generosity and help with saving the giant pandas.