Adopt a Panda!

Adopt a Panda!

Adopting a panda is a fun and easy way to have a direct impact on the daily life and care of our beloved pandas. While it is a symbolic adoption, you can still choose your panda. You may have a specific panda in mind to adopt, or you can select from the many adults and cubs available for adoption. They all need to be taken care of and loved! If you know the name of the panda you’d like to adopt but don’t see him or her listed here, just send us an email!

Remember, adoptions are also a great gift for the panda or wildlife lover in your life, while giving back to the pandas, too!

How your adoption helps save pandas:

The cost to care for a panda for one year is approximately $10,000. Your symbolic adoption provides critical funds for the pandas at the Hetaoping, Gengda, Dujiangyan and Bifengxia Panda Centers. Your adoption covers the cost of veterinary care, medicine and vitamins, the pandas’ daily meals (panda bread, carrots, apples, and lots of bamboo!) and the cost of the pandas’ caretaker staff. It is a wonderful way to give your panda everything he or she needs to thrive!

Your adoption money is sent to the Panda Centers to care for all of the pandas!

Adoption Levels

To learn even more about each adoption level or to Adopt a Panda today, visit the links below. Adoptions start at a minimum of a $1,000 donation. If an adoption is too much, check out our sponsorships in our gifts and gear store.

Benefits included at every Adoption Level:

  • Personalized Adoption Certificate
  • Save the Panda Poster
  • Pandas International Pin
  • Panda Bookmark
  • Periodic Newsletters
  • Opportunity to give your panda a nickname
  • Periodic updates and photos of your panda from the Wolong Panda Club

Benefits Given to all our Adopters at the Panda Reserve by the Wolong Panda Club:

  • Free admission (number of admissions is based on type of adoption) to the Dujiangyan, Bifengxia and Gengda Panda Centers (Free volunteering at the panda centers is NOT included)
  • Free photo with a younger panda during your adoption year


Adoptions Policy

Pandas International encourages the adoption of pandas at the CCRCGP panda centers and we are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity. This is a very special way to become involved in CCRCGP’s research and efforts to save this magnificent species. Once you adopt a panda, Pandas International will provide you with updates and photos as we are able. However, our ability to do so is dependent upon the panda keepers and staff and the time they have available. Also, it is important to keep in mind that adoptions are symbolic and designed first and foremost to support the care of the pandas. Your adoption gives you the privilege to visit your adopted panda BUT the location of the pandas does frequently change depending on breeding and/or research needs which may mean that they are off exhibit or at a center closed to the public. In these situations, you might not get to see your panda because access is restricted. If access is restricted you will not be allowed to see your panda even as an adopter. Please remember CCRCGP is a conservation and research facility and not a zoo designed to showcase animals to the public.

To adopt a panda is to support the care of the pandas. You must respect the CCRCGP, the Wolong Panda Club and their affiliates which are involved in the conservation of the giant pandas.  Any slanderous, negative comments and rumors made in public or posted on social media will not be tolerated. Any adopters who cannot follow these guidelines will not be allowed to continue their adoption. If your adoption is discontinued due to inappropriate behavior, your donation will not be returned.

Visiting the Panda Centers

If you visit the panda centers, you will be allowed to visit your adopted panda, if available, and all pandas on public display. However, you are not allowed in staff only areas. These areas are clearly marked and it is important that you respect the Panda Center’s request. You must ask all staff members before photographing your adopted panda or other pandas that are not on public display. If you have questions about the pandas or your specific panda, please kindly ask the staff and they will do their best to assist you. At all times during your visit please make sure to treat the CCRCGP staff with respect and kindness.

Any adopters who cannot follow CCRCGP’s rules or who disrespect the staff and the center may be asked to leave the Panda Center and will not be allowed to continue their adoption.

Respecting the Giant Pandas during your visit and/or while volunteering

Please remember that Giant Pandas are quiet solitary animals. In their natural habitat loud noises and commotion causes them stress and fear and the same is true for the pandas in the panda centers. If you visit a panda center PLEASE be calm, quiet and respectful of the pandas’ home (including never yelling at the pandas, throwing things at the pandas or trying to poke the pandas with anything. There are signs posted throughout the Panda Centers that remind visitors of the expected behavior while visiting and need to be observed. It is a privilege to be able to visit these critically endangered bears and the CCRCGP staff takes every precaution to ensure that the Giant Pandas’ well-being always comes first.

Fan Clubs or Fan Support Groups, which want to use the adoption to publicize a celebrity is not allowed.

“Playing with Pandas” is prohibited. While you might have seen photos on the internet of tourists playing with pandas, this practice is no longer allowed due to diseases, illnesses and infections that the pandas could acquire from humans.

Photography Rules

Photos may be taken in open/public areas and can be posted on the internet or social media.

Photos taken in non-public areas, can NOT be posted on the internet or social media. If photos are taken in non-public areas, permission must be given by the keeper or person in charge in order to take any photos.

Photos taken during volunteer activities of feeding or touching the pandas can NOT be posted on the internet or social media.

If you pay to have a photo taken with a panda or receive this privilege as part of an adoption- these photos can NOT be posted on the internet or social media.

We kindly request that your photos be used for your own personal memories and not for social media promotion.

Shared Adoption Level - $1000/$800

Individual Adoption Level - $10k/$8k

Lifetime Adoption Level - $150k

Do you have a question about adopting a panda?

Please email Andrea Muller

Assistant Director/Adoption Coordinator


To adopt a new panda please choose which type of adoption you would like above (Shared, Individual, or Lifetime).  Once your adoption donation (minimum of a $1,000 donation) is confirmed we will contact you within 3-5 business days. If you are renewing your adoption, please contact Andrea Muller directly. Questions?  Please contact us at or 303-933-2365.