Adopter Stories

From Chet Chin

Feng Yi

Who would have thought, when I agreed to adopt a one-month-old giant panda cub back in September 2006, that she would one day be coming to my country? Yes, Feng Yi, my adopted panda, is one of two pandas who will be coming to Malaysia as part of the 10-year loan agreement signed with China in June 2012. Since adopting her, I’ve had the pleasure of charting her growth through the updates and photos sent by Pandas International. I’ve also visited Feng Yi every year since our first meeting in Wolong Panda Center in September 2007.

Gong Zhu

I’d helped to look after Gong Zhu for a week during my volunteer trip to Bifengxia Panda Base in August 2008. When I returned home, I kept thinking about her and decided to adopt her. At the time, she was 10 and already a mother a few times over. I became an instant grandmother the moment I adopted her, and continue to enjoy grandmotherhood with each of her new cubs. That’s one advantage of adopting a giant panda mother. I’ve also visited Gong Zhu every year – sometimes twice a year – since I adopted her.

From Judy Dolan

I’ve loved pandas for as long as I can remember. After Tai Shan was born in 2005 at the National Zoo in Washington, DC, I became obsessed. In searching for ways to help this endangered species, I found Pandas International. In 2007 when I returned from Wolong, through PI I adopted Qian Qian and Huan Huan, two one-year-old pandas I met on my trip. Over the years I’ve loved receiving from PI recent photos and reports on their progress.

Having been to Wolong and the Bifengxia Base in Ya’an, I’ve seen firsthand the difference PI is making by providing formula for the babies as well as medical supplies and equipment. Also, after the devastating Sichuan earthquake in 2008, Suzanne Braden brought much-needed supplies to the people and pandas of Wolong.

Because of PI’s dedication to the preservation and survival of the beloved Giant Panda, I feel that with my donations I am part of that commitment.

Qian Qian Wolong Sept 2007Huan Huan Wolong Sept 2007

Photos of me with Qian Qian and Huan Huan in Wolong 2007

From Christie Harper

I have a passion for pandas.  I’ve been blessed to have many encounters with these wonderful animals.  Through adopting I hope to help to ensure the survival of their species.  I can’t imagine our world without pandas!!