Gao Gao is a male panda who formerly lived at the San Diego Zoo.

He was born in the wild around 1990 and was taken to the Fengtongzhai Nature Reserve in 1993 suffering from injuries which resulted in the loss of nearly two thirds of his left ear.

In 1994, Gao Gao was briefly released to the wild, but was too disruptive to the local villages. He was then brought to the Wolong Panda Conservation Center in 2002.

Gao Gao arrived at the San Diego Zoo in January 2003. On October 30th, 2018, Gao Gao left the San Diego zoo, and returned to China as the end of his 15 year loan agreement was reached.

Gao Gao is extremely old so please remember if you adopt him, he could pass at any time. You will be allowed to transfer the remainder of your 12 month adoption to another panda if this happens.

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