Shared Adoption Level

How your adoption helps save pandas:

Your symbolic adoption donation provides critical funds for the pandas at the Dujiangyan, Shenshuping and Bifengxia Panda Centers. Your donation helps to cover the cost of veterinary care, medicine and vitamins, the pandas’ daily meals (panda bread, carrots, and lots of bamboo!) and the cost of the pandas’ caretaker staff.

The Shared Adoption Level is a shared, annual adoption and covers approximately 10% of the cost to care for a panda for one year. Your adopted Panda can be adopted by up to 9 other individual adopters within one year.

What you will receive with your shared individual adoption:

  • Personalized Adoption Certificate
  • Save the Panda Poster
  • Pandas International Pin
  • Panda Bookmark
  • Periodic Newsletters
  • Opportunity to give your panda a nickname
  • Choice of a framed 5 x 7 photo of your adopted panda
  • Choice of a Pandas International Tee Shirt OR an adorable plush panda
  • Semi-annual updates and photos of your panda from the WAPGPC as long as your adopted Panda is living at Bifengxia, Dujiangyan or Shenshuping

Benefits Given to our Adopters at the Panda Reserve by the WAPGPC:

  • Free admission to the Dujiangyan, Shenshuping or Bifengxia Panda Centers up to 10 times per year.

The cost for a Shared Adoption is:

$1,000 for all new adopters.  Once you have adopted for one year you can choose to renew your adoption donation for a reduced donation. We will contact you once your adoption is up for renewal.