Panda Love | TEDx Talk by Bill McShea

Dr. Bill McShea doesn’t love pandas as much as we do. In this talk about the “average bear,” he hilariously explains why, and how our affection is actually a good thing for our world.

Dr. Bill McShea is a wildlife ecologist for the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute at Front Royal, Virginia. He received his education at Bucknell University (B.S.), University of New Hampshire (M.S.), and State University of New York at Binghamton (PhD). He has worked at the Front Royal facility since 1986. He is currently co-chair of the IUCN Deer Specialist Group which is responsible for setting endangerment levels for deer species worldwide. He has edited 3 volumes on wildlife management (deer, oak forests and Asian wildlife) and a co-authored a book on deer ecology. When not in Virginia, Bill has worked in Southeast Asia, Gabon, Brazil, and China. He has over 100 publications in scientific journals, many involving wildlife in the Virginia area. Bill’s current research focuses on the management of wildlife populations in forested ecosystems, including giant pandas in China, rare deer in Cambodia, large mammals along the Appalachian Trail, invasive plant/animal interactions, chestnut tree restoration, and wood turtles in Virginia.