Pennies 4 Pandas

Welcome to Pennies 4 Pandas!

Our exciting kids program, Pennies 4 Pandas hopes to teach children the rewards of sharing and working together to help ensure the survival of the giant panda. Getting children interested in giving seems to foster an interest in helping that continues throughout a lifetime. Including children in parent’s charitable interests highlights parental values, informs ideas about social responsibility and explains why it’s important to help others.

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Panda Protector T-shirt

Any child who raises $50 or more can elect to receive this exclusive Panda Protector Tee.
This shirt cannot be bought in our store, only earned through raising money for the Giant Pandas. Sizes include: Youth XS, S, M & L

Share your Success

We encourage you to send your story and photographs with your contribution so that we can post your accomplishment on our website and share your success with other panda lovers. By sending in your photographs (the release is linked below), you are authorizing Pandas International to use them.

Sign the Photo Release

Starting Early

Working together for a charitable purpose allows a family to come together and focus on a shared goal. Both the process and the goal remain a sustainable and viable activity as children become adults and begin the process with their children.

Pandas International presents a number of exciting possibilities for parents and children to have a common vision of what it’s like to share the planet with other species and how that relationship is essential for our world to survive.

Preserving an endangered species can also bring a number of other topics into the mix: the importance of sustainable habitats; the concepts of interdependence, the web of life, carrying capacity, and ecological balance; what responsibility do individuals, states, countries and governments have to wildlife preservation; and understanding the triple bottom line of sustainable development and progress as the blueprint for our future.

Specifically, Pandas International offers opportunities for giving that range from panda adoptions to providing formula for cubs to helping replant bamboo to having birthday parties centered on raising money for pandas to a program for schools to help the Giant Panda, Pennies4Pandas.

Information about these alternatives is available on the website or by calling (303) 933-2365 or e-mailing

Reach Out and Have Fun
Grab a friend, talk to your class or even the whole school, rally your team, or any other group. Make it a fun and memorable experience by sharing it with other panda lovers. Celebrate the end of your campaign with a panda party!

Partner with the Community
Inform your neighbors, family, and friends about the urgent needs of the giant panda and how small change can make a big difference. Also, approach local businesses that might let you use counter space for your coin collector or they might simply want to make a donation.

Spread the Word
Notify the press. Share your mission with the local radio, newspaper, or television station. Explain how you are working to save one of the most magnificent animals on the planet and one of the most endangered.

Exchange your Pennies
When you have completed your Pennies 4 Pandas campaign, take a field trip to a local bank and watch the coin machine measure your success. Maybe your local TV station would love to cover this event! Then have the bank generate a cashier’s check or money order and send it to:  Pennies 4 Pandas, PO Box 620335, Littleton, CO 80162

Learn New Knowledge
Use this experience as a learning tool. It’s not just about the money you can raise and the incentive gift(s) you can earn, but about the knowledge you can gain. Learn about the giant panda, Wolong and Bifengxia, and even some Chinese.

Share Your News with the Press
We encourage you to share your stories with your local press.  Newspapers and smaller news stations are always eager to share stories of giving.  If you are featured, be sure to share with us so we can spread the word even further!

Check Out Charity Checks

Here’s a great way to teach kids the value of giving, either individually, or, as part of an exciting classroom project to support the black and white bears. For the older set, office mates and colleagues can also be involved in giving, and in this case, giving to the endangered Giant Panda. Check out Charity Checks. They make it easy and fun. .