P4P – Thanks

Our Thanks

To show our appreciation for your efforts in feeding the giant panda, we are offering you the opportunity to earn panda gifts for yourself.

When you have completed your Pennies 4 Pandas campaign, we can send you a Certificate of Appreciation as well as the incentive gift(s) corresponding to your level of donation as outlined in the chart below upon request. Many children choose to have all of the money raised go directly back to the Giant Pandas so please let us know when you make your donation what you would like to receive.

Panda Protector Tee
Any child who raises $50 or more can elect to receive this exclusive Panda Protector Tee.
This brand new tee cannot be bought in our store, only earned through raising money for the Giant Pandas. Sizes include: Youth XS, S, M, L and Adult S, M
You can choose to have all of the money you raise go to the pandas
or choose to use the accumulated incentive structure below.
Incentive Structure*

Amount Raised
Incentive Earned
Sticker Book
Pocket Pal
Large Panda Pad
5″ Small Panda
Bag Buddy
Panda T-Shirt **
15″ Plush Panda
500 Piece Puzzle
Travel Panda Suitcase
Nesting Pandas
28″ Laying Panda
Framed Panda Photo
Giant Panda
Adopt a Panda (get to choose it’s nickname)
*Subject to change based on availability.
**Design based on our stock on hand.