Panda Protectors

Panda Protectors

Conor is an avid Pandas supporter. This year in lieu of gifts Conor asked his friends to donate to Pandas International instead. On top of asking for donations, Conor also created a commercial in his acting class in hopes of educating more people. Thank you Conor for not only helping us to raise funds for the Giant Pandas, but for continuing to spread the word!Watch the YouTube video now >>
A group of fourth grade students from the Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Yorktown Heights, New York, started a group called “Kidz for Pandas” and embarked on an initiative to “Help Save the Giant Panda” with the ultimate goal of adopting a Panda cub. With the support of the school’s principal, they made a presentation about their initiative to the school’s PTA. The PTA then helped the group by promoting a school-wide initiative to collect donations through the recycling of empty water bottles. Large barrels were positioned throughout the school with “Help Save the Giant Panda” display signs affixed, and teachers and students were encouraged to drop their empty water bottles into these special barrels. Each week the group took turns collecting the water bottles (from the barrels) and recycling them. Through this initiative, and additional donations received from family and friends of the group and school, the group collected over $684.15 and they were able to adopt their Panda cub, whose Chinese name is Shen Bin!
8 year-old Teresa Carroll and 6 year-old Michael Schiumo are best friends at Our Lady of Grace Montessori School in Manhasset, NY.Every time they have a play date they enjoy playing with all 16 of Teresa’s plush pandas, but when they learned there were only 1600 of their favorite animals left in the wild, they really wanted to help them.Teresa rented panda books from her library and Michael looked at websites dedicated to saving the Pandas. They decided to hold a school fundraiser for Pandas International. They got contributions from their families and took donations from their classmates and teachers to “Save the Panda.”Altogether their families and the students and faculty of Our Lady of Grace donated $113.00 with Teresa and Michael giving over their allowance for a total donation of $132.00.

These two best friends will never stop loving pandas!

Warren Park School is a kindergarten through third grade elementary school in Cicero, Illinois. The mascot of our school is the panda, so the Pennies 4 Pandas program is a perfect fit for our school! Teachers have taught students about the giant panda and its need for bamboo. Students in each classrooom are enthusiastically filling containers with coins — some are donating their allowances or asking their families for contributions. When the containers are filled, they are emptied into a large container in the main hallway of the school so everyone can see our progress. After only one week the hallway container was nearly full, and we are starting to fill a second container! Pennies 4 Pandas is a great program for our children since it teaches them that they are never to small to make a difference in the world.
California Girls Celebrating with and for the Pandas

Emily, Nicole and Katie of California decided that together they could not only share a day celebrating Emily’s birthday but they could also start a fundraising campaign to Save the Giant Panda!

To date this dynamic threesome has raised over $100 and they are still hard at it! Sincerest thanks to these amazing girls!

Leila, a 3rd grader from California, decided quite on her own to raise money at her school to help Pandas. She stayed with it for a few months until school ended and plans on doing it again in a bigger way next year! She was particularly moved by something she saw about how with Panda twins the mother often picks one and the other doesn’t have much chance. She feels she’s helping the Panda twin that doesn’t get picked!
For my 13th birthday I had a party where I invited my friends to make their gift to me in the form of a donation to be sent to Pandas International. Here are the reasons I chose Pandas and your organization.

  • There are only 1800 Giant Pandas left in the world. It’s sad that the Pandas are disappearing because they are so cute!
  • I chose Pandas International as the recipient of our donations because your total focus is to support the preservation of Giant Pandas. It is important that our donation go directly to the Pandas. While other organizations support Pandas, they support other causes too.
  • Everyone can make a difference in the world, but it only happens if you choose action.I have great friends! They all supported this cause that is important to me and we are donating $202.00 to Pandas International so that you can SAVE THE PANDAS!Thank you!!
    Kaili, Washington
Art Show Benefits Pandas
Last fall, Amelia from Minnesota, made clay animals and sold them at a community wide art show. Her adorable animals raised $370.00 for the pandas that Amelia loves so much. Not only did she raise much needed funding to protect the pandas and their habitat but she also raised awareness in her community by sharing her knowledge and love of the pandas!Our hats go off to Amelia!
Year Round Fundraiser Highlighted

Alexa of MA has been a year round fundraiser for the benefit of the Pandas that she loves so much. Alexa has spent hours hosting lemonade stands in warm weather and hot cocoa stands in the cold weather. With the support of her friends, family and school, she was able to raise $100! She has done school projects on the Giant Panda raising awareness of the challenges that the pandas are facing and everyone at Pandas International wants to recognize Alexa as a true Panda Protector and send her our most sincere thanks.

Well done, Alexa!

Young Jamie is bearing up for the pandas
24 Jul 09 @ 09:37am by Alyce Valentine

SCARBOROUGH: MORE than 100 sets of panda eyes watch over Scarborough youngster Jamie Beckwith in his bedroom.

His love for the endangered animal is obvious, but he has taken his passion further by fundraising for Pandas International.

At the age of seven, Jamie is the youngest child in Australia to be collecting for the Pennies 4 Pandas appeal and so far has raised almost $1000.

The money will help buy incubators and formula for baby pandas in China and replenish a bamboo plantation.
Jamie’s mother Lisa Beckwith said his love for the animal started from the age of two, when he got his first toy panda.

She said Humpybong State School, where Jamie is in year 2, has embraced his desire to help the pandas.
He has been allowed to present his appeal to students and money collection boxes have been stationed in classrooms.

Jamie hopes to become a veterinarian.