Medical Equipment & Supplies

Medical equipment and veterinary supplies in support of the captive breeding program are an essential and continual need for the Panda Centers.  To ensure that the pandas have the best possible care, Pandas International works directly with the veterinarians and keepers to determine the most urgent medical needs so that we can purchase the necessary equipment and supplies for the Reserves.  Through the support of our members, Pandas International has been able to provide a wide variety of medical equipment and supplies to the Panda Reserves including:

Annual Supplies

  • 1,000 kilos of Esbilac milk formula for the hand raised cubs
  • Antiserum and hormonal reagents used for breeding purposes
  • Hospital supplies:
    • syringes
    • worming paste
    • IV catheters
    • vaccines
    • Radio Collars

Medical Equipment

  • Blood Chemistry and Urine Analyzers
  • Multiple incubators for hand raising newborn pandas
  • High Definition cameras for monitoring pregnant mothers and newborn cubs
  • Multiple VetScans for blood serum analysis and the necessary rotors
  • Fertility equipment necessary for artificial insemination
  • Ground scales to weigh the pandas, both adults and young
  • Oximeters to measure oxygen and companion printers to record the results
  • Blood oxygen monitors
  • Laryngoscopes & Stethoscopes
  • Electronic thermometers with disposable covers
  • Two new laboratory quality freezers for storing panda semen
  • Stationary and mobile anesthesia machines
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