Pulaski Heights Middle School Students Raise Money to Adopt Cai Yun

cai yun-3

Students in Ms. Grace’s Planet Earth class at Pulaski Heights Middle School in Little Rock, Arkansas organized a Pennies 4 Pandas fundraising campaign.  Students spent weeks researching a variety of important causes before choosing to get involved with Pandas International.  Their goal was to raise $600 to adopt the beautiful Cai Yun, a panda displaced by an earthquake in China in 2008.  The money would help pay for her care for one year.

The students created posters with pictures of Cai Yun and plastered the school.  They recycled broken 5 gallon water jugs, covered them with Cai Yun’s picture, and used them to collect change in the science classes.  In less than 2 weeks, students, teachers, and staff donated almost $200.  Though not enough to officially adopt Cai Yun, the students were pleased knowing they raised money for such an important cause.  The money will be used to care for pandas in captivity, replant bamboo forests, and rebuild the Panda Center at the Wolong Nature Reserve in China.