QSI Atryau

Here at QSI Atryau International School we have the Common Core Curriculum.  One of our Kindergarten units is doing a How to Project.  The class decided they wanted to do How To Make Lemonade.  They wanted to have a lemonade sale and give the money to Pandas International. They have learned to be International Children.  They care about the world.  They speak up about recycling.  We found a recipe for fresh squeezed lemonade, that is healthy.  They wrote the recipe and made a how to book.  They then practiced two times to make and  taste the lemonade themselves.  On lemonade week Monday – Thursday they made lemonade for thirty minutes and refrigerated it.  They made lemonade signs and wrote invitations to each class to come buy lemonade.  This was part of Literacy Week, we sold the lemonade along with a Book Swap and cupcake sale   organized by the parent group here at QSI.  The class sold 130 cups of lemonade at 1.00 tenge a piece.  They learned so much through the experience and gave the money to a wonderful cause.

Thank you QSI Atryau International School for your help to save the Giant Pandas.