Reese, Reid and Rowen hold a Panda Run to help PI

From Reese, Reid and Rowen’s Dad:

Coming into the new year we sat down with our three children, Reese (9), Reid (6) and Rowen (5), to write out their 2015 goals.  On their own they created one big goal together; to raise money for Panda Bears by holding a charity run…The Panda Run.  As the year progressed, the one goal they continued to talk about was The Panda Run.  We had to do it.  The first thing they did was write out a plan- how long the run would be, what would we raffle, how could we make it fun, etc.  They then worked the plan by putting together a flyer, giving it out to all of their family/friends, collecting raffle gifts from local business’, designing t-shirts, etc.  The end result was a fantastic day where we had 90-100 runners, a fantastic raffle and a great party.  The event raised $1,300 for the Pandas.  Our friends and family were amazingly supportive of our children’s goals.  We are so proud of the effort and dedication our kids showed.  Such a fun experience.

Thank so very  much for your incredible support!!