Rose Raises Over $1,000 For The Pandas


My name is Rose, I am 12 years old.   I have a passion for Pandas.  My whole room is decorated in a panda theme.  For my birthday, I received a panda speaker with information on Pandas International.  I went on their website and learned about Pennies 4 Pandas.  I was thrilled to be able to take my love for pandas to the next level and raise money for the Giant Panda.  I was also crowned National 2014 Miss Pre-Teen American Beauty which helped with promoting my panda campaign.

By going to different events to promote my campaign, I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know some amazing people.  I want to thank my family and pageant family  for their support as well as Susanna at Anahata, Wendy Schnapp for setting me up at Ding Darling Days, Jaime Haugh for Green Market, Rose at Rose Marie’s Bakery, Tammy and Joe at Pho Vinh, Noli at Orient mart, Gloria Utaras for Hidden Treasures, Suzi Hosefeld for all the pageants I was able to speak about my campaign and set up my Panda booth and to Laura Wright who not only let me stay at her B & B but was a big contributer during Umatilla Black Bear Festival.  I also participated in garage sales where I sold my items and donated the money earned to my Panda Campaign.

After hours of dedicated and heartfelt fundraising, I was able to raise $1,215 to help the Pandas.  I am very pleased to be active in something that can change such an important part of the world, especially a part that means so much to me.

Thank you Rose for your amazing dedication and support of these beloved bears.