Sarah Holds a Bake Sale for the Pandas

Our 8 year old daughter, Sarah, is an avid panda fan. The current number of pandas in her bed exceeds 30. One day she decided she wanted to do a fund-raiser to support her furry friends…but she didn’t know how to raise money for them. Through her research (i.e., dad’s research), Sarah came to learn more about Pandas International (PI). She adored the photos of the animals she loves so much and felt that PI would be the best way to help her friends.

 In early September 2017, she started planning for a bake sale.  She met with the general manager of a local grocery store (Giant Food) to ask permission to hold the sale outside his busy store.  Her mother, Kim, and grandmother, Sally, baked for several weeks to amass a sizable cache of homemade tasty treats which included chocolate chip cookies, muffins (pumpkin, blueberry and banana), triple chocolate brownies and Amish friendship bread.  Some of these items were bundled into gift baskets. Her father, Chris, made good use of the print material and logos (on the PI website) to create posters, product stickers and bookmarks. He also printed copies of a PI newsletter for those donors who might be interested. Her brother, William, worked hard to set up for the event.

 The big day came (September 30th) and we saw a fair amount of traffic. Sarah enjoyed sharing the love she has for pandas with those who came by the bake sale. In the end, she raised $220!  Needless to say, we were quite proud of her the hard work she put into this effort.

Thank you Sarah for your amazing dedication in helping to save the Giant Pandas!