Sierra Sells Artwork to Help the Giant Pandas

My name is Sierra and I am a home schooled 4th grader. This is the story about how I came to love Giant Pandas.

I have always loved animals. Last year I thought I would paint pictures of endangered species, sell them and donate the money to help them. One of the animals I decided to draw was a Giant Panda. While I was looking up pictures of pandas online, I found an article about pandas and how endangered they are.  As I read on I started to wonder how I could help keep this wonderful, adorable, cuddly creature from becoming extinct.  My mom found Pandas International online and I decided to set my goal for donations at $175. I collected door to door in my neighborhood, sold my clay artwork to friends and family, and donated money I had received for my birthday and other holidays. Finally, in March 2016 I reached my goal.

About the same time I was getting ready to participate in a theater production of The Little Mermaid. I asked the Director if I could sell my artwork at each of the shows during intermission. She kindly said yes and I got to work on creating as many clay art pieces as I could. The play was this past weekend – May 13 and 14. I was able to raise an additional $135 bringing my total up to over $300.  I kept just enough to purchase more supplies to create more pieces to sell and have donated the rest to Pandas International.  Please use it to help save these wonderful animals, my favorite animal, the Giant Panda.

“Endangered means we have time. Extinct means forever.”



PS. I have started my own Not for Profit business called Panda Paws Arts and Crafts to continue to raise money for pandas. I will soon be selling my artwork on

Thank you Sierra for your amazing dedication in helping us to Save the Giant Pandas!

Sierra 2
Sierra 3