St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School Adopts a Panda

Near the beginning of school our 1st grade class was reading about pandas. In the book it mentioned Pennies 4 Pandas so the kids decided they’d like to collect money to help save pandas!

We started collecting in our class and raised over $150. Then we decided to take our Pennies 4 Pandas collection school-wide as our Service Learning Project.

We posted signs around the school and went to every class to tell them about the pandas.

During our fundraising, we were studying non-fiction All About Books, so we wrote a class book, All About Giant Pandas and sent it to Pandas International. Parents could donate $15 to Pennies 4 Pandas and get a color copy of the book. EVERY family involved in our class made a donation.

With the help of our class, our parents, and our school community, we raised over $1100!!! That $1100 is enough for St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School to adopt a panda for a year.

Thank you St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School for your amazing efforts to help save the giant panda. Your book was absolutely amazing!