Tai Shan Celebrates His 11th Birthday

Tai Shan birthday card side 1

Happy 11th Birthday to Tai Shan

During Suzanne Braden’s visit to China from July 5th-13th, 2016, Pandas International hosted a special birthday party to celebrate Tai Shan’s 11th birthday on July 9th.  Thanks to those of you who donated, special ice cakes were prepared for Tai Shan and the other pandas living at the Dujiangyan Panda Base so that they could celebrate their birthdays as well (future blog post).  The ice cakes were decorated with apples, bamboo and carrots and Tai and his panda friends all thoroughly enjoyed them.  The cakes not only served to help the pandas stay cool but also as a form of enrichment since the special treats were frozen into the ice cakes.  It was interesting to see how each panda approached getting to his or her treats.  Tai, of course, is a pro at getting through whatever challenge stands between him and his treats!  His keeper also gave him special birthday bamboo shoots and chunks of apples during the day as well.  Tai was a very happy panda!  Suzanne presented Tai and his keeper with a special PI birthday card that included the names of each person that donated towards the ice cakes.  Tai’s keeper was so proud of him and so grateful to everyone that loves Tai so much.

Tai Shan is in good shape these days, healthy and happy and ever the very picky bamboo eater.  His keeper continues to give him stalks and leaves until he finds what he likes.  He has a good appetite but still prefers apples over bamboo and panda bread!

Tai Shan birthday card side 2
tai reading birthday card