Tai Shan’s New Home

We know that many of you watch the live Panda Cams on and are sure by now that you’ve noticed that Tai Shan is no longer in his enclosure.  Tai has actually been moved to a new enclosure and An An is now in Tai’s former enclosure and featured on the Panda Cam.

Tai Shan was moved on 18 September 2012 to a much more peaceful and quiet enclosure where he is essentially separated from the various forms of “tourist interaction” that he has been experiencing.  Tai’s new, more secluded “retreat” is a much better environment for him and he already seems more relaxed and at home.

Tai’s new enclosure is very peaceful and is basically closed off to tourist traffic. Visitors can still view Tai Shan from a sidewalk winding around behind his yard, but it if from quite a distance.  He has a very nice outdoor patio and a large yard filled with trees and plenty of places to explore.  We love knowing that Tai is now living in a place where he will be much more relaxed and happy.

Regarding the Tai Explore Cam, since the move just occurred, the details of how and when the cam will be moved are still being discussed.  We will let you know as soon as we hear anything.  Also, please be aware that, due to major road construction, some damage to underground fiber lines caused problems for BFX power supplies resulting in their becoming unstable.  To avoid damaging the power supplies, the other cameras were turned off until the backup battery system is up and running, hopefully by the end of September.