Taylor-Austyn & Third-Grade Friends Save the Pandas

Taylor-Austyn read a book about how the Pandas were becoming an endangered species this past winter, we later found out that they are now considered Vulnerable, and she decided she needed to help!

She asked her Mommy to find a way to help “Save the Pandas” and that’s when she discovered she could collect pennies 4 Pandas!

She helped print off labels and helped create jars to set around in family members work places,  she then asked her mommy to reach out to our Facebook friends and that’s when her amazing teacher, Ms. Haley Owens, caught wind of the idea! She asked if Taylor-Austyn would want to involve her class and ask for their assistance! Taylor-Austyn was thrilled to involve her friends and have a Panda Party Celebration towards the end of the school year this month! Her school, Canaan Community Academy, even set a donation jar at the front office and we were and still are so proud to be surrounded by individuals who make it their goal to support the dreams of a little girl wanting to save this beautiful species!

Taylor-Austyn’s personal goal was to raise $50 and her classroom goal was $100, they both exceeded their goal and raised $160.61!