Tessa Adopts Hua Mei

For my 9th birthday, I had a panda party. Instead of getting presents from my friends and family, I asked if they could give me money to adopt a giant panda. My friends and family gave me money for a charity called Pandas International. My mom and I put out a box so that when my friends came they could put in as much money as they wanted without anyone knowing how much they put in. I raised $175!!!  I used my $100 to adopt Hua Mei my giant panda. I used my extra $75 donate to Pandas International so that they can do what they need with it to support other pandas.

My birthday party had a panda theme. We played pass the panda (it’s just like hot potato but with a panda toy), panda trivia and pin the nose on the panda. We had the Panda Cam set up on our t.v. so my friends and I could watch pandas playing. We had a dance party, panda piñata, panda photo both, and since it was a slumber party we had panda sleep masks!!!!!! On my actual birthday, I got my nails painted like pandas.

Thank you Tessa for your amazing support!