The 3rd Cross Strait Giant Panda Conservation Education Seminar 2013

Annette Yuen, the Pandas International consultant to CCRCGP, attended the 3rd Cross Strait Giant Panda Conservation Education Seminar in Hong Kong on behalf of Pandas International. The seminar was hosted by Ocean Park Hong Kong.  Many experts from China, Taiwan, and Macao attended.


The seminar focused discussions on the following areas:

  • Planning for future protection of wild pandas
  • Strengthening  Research & Development and scientific management
  • Strengthening cooperation with various institutions and organizations
  • Strengthening  publicity to get social support and increase awareness regarding protection
  • Raising needed funds from various sources
  • Bamboo:  planting, care and what types or varieties of bamboo pandas like
  • Study of pandas eyes
  • Reintroduction Program
  • The 273 Wild pandas at Fu Ping Nature Reserve in Shaanxi Province

Huang Yan head of the CCRCGP reintroduction program, presented at the seminar. Huang reported there are currently 11 pandas (6 Females & 5 Males) in the reintroduction project scheduled to be released into the wild in Mamadi, in Shimian County of Ya’an.