The Pandas of Green Lake – Bifengxia

China, November 2013 – Travel Notes

Making our way down from the New Breeding Center, our tour took us, next, to the area of the Bifengxia Panda Base known as Green Lake.  The origin of the name became quite obvious when we reached the bridge.


The Green Lake Area is smaller than the new breeding center with only 4 enclosures.  Each, as with all enclosures at the base, with indoor and outdoor areas for the bears.  In residence at Green Lake when we visited were three pandas:  Hui Hui, Shen Bin, and Jia Jia.


Hui Hui was eating when we arrived but came over to greet us.  I pulled out my camera, thinking I could grab a quick shot and not disturb him, but as soon as he saw it he came over and posed for us!

You may recognize Shen Bin if you’ve watched the cameras in the past.  She was on camera for many months last year.  During our visit, she was VERY active.   Wandering around her enclosure, grabbing a quick bite on the run. I’m not sure she stopped moving once while we were there.


Last, but far from least, little Jia Jia.  Don’t let his diminutive size fool you, this little bear is has a willful and mischievous streak to him!  Jia Jia was separated from the other cubs in the kindergarten because of his small stature, but he definitely has a large personality.  He entertained us by climbing up his cage, playing with his water bowl, doing somersaults and trying to close the door on us.  He’s rambunctious and full of energy!

And there they are, the fantastic pandas of the Green Lake area.