Tristan is Helping the Pandas!

Tristan is a fun-loving and very witty 10 year old who first became interested in panda bears when he was in second grade.  His class “team name” was the “purple pandas” for field day, which is a day at the elementary school where all the children participate in various relay races and fun outdoor games. After that year, he became virtually obsessed with anything panda, and has even told his parents that instead of a bar mitzvah party, he would like to go on a trip to china! Tristan loves to sleep with his five pandas: Pandorable, Burple, Bamboo, Pandini, and his most recent friend, Lucky.  His comforter, sheets, and pillows are all panda-themed, and he calls his bed the “panden”. When his family was deciding what to do for his 10th birthday party, he mentioned that he thought it would be a wonderful thing to do if he asked that everyone donate to the cause of saving the pandas, rather than bringing a gift. Since may of his friends are also fans of the pandas, they were very eager to jump on that bandwagon.

We think Tristan is pretty fabulous!  Don’t you?