Tumbling in a Winter Wonderland

From the Sun Times
Article By JO ABEYIE
Photos by China Foto Press/ Barcroft Media
Published: 07th December 2012

Giasntt Panda

Qing Feng isn’t taking life too seriously from the look of things. Rather than staring blankly at the visitors at Yantai Zoo in the Shandong Province in China, Qing is making the most of the snow fall.

Panda playing with a tyre

Not content with hanging upside down inside a rubber tyre, or in fact getting stuck inside it, Qing made sure he had a go at walking the plank too.

Qing playing with a plank

The brave giant panda decided this wasn’t a mission impossible and climbed along the slim branch that was covered in snow.

Panda hangs out of a tyre

Despite being an endangered species Qing showed off his wild side as he hung from his exercise apparatus at the popular zoo.

Panda takes a tumble out of a tyre

Clearly not put off by the freezing weather courageous Qing put on a show – maybe Qing should star in a real-life Kung Fu Panda.