Village School Kindergarten Bake Sale raises money to Adopt Tong Tong


February 26 was the 7th Annual Bake Sale hosted by the Village School Kindergarten to raise money for our adoption of Tong Tong. Much of the success of the bake sale comes from the each kindergarten family who donates two dozen treats to the bake sale. Families get creative with the treats. One family made cake pops attached to a photo of a Giant Panda saying thank you. Another family attached to each treat bag a panda note cards saying thank you. We also sold rice krispy treats in the shape of pandas. The kindergarten students sell the treats for $1.00 each to the Village School community during morning recess

The kindergarten curriculum is called a “Passport to Adventure.” One of the countries we focus on during our travel adventures is China. We study the many aspects of culture of China including the panda. The adoption of Tong Tong is one of the kindergarten community service projects. It impacts the whole school community. Each grade remembers the year they were in kindergarten trying to raise money for Tong Tong. And, each year the amount we raise has been increasing. Most students now say “Keep the change!” We often receive a twenty dollar bill from a student buying two or three treats who lets us keep the change. Selling treats (and keeping the change) helped us raise $985 for the adoption of Tong Tong.